Digital transparency made real in low voltage

How you can save energy with intelligent power distribution

Did you know that 40 percent of all power is consumed by buildings? Or that about 30 percent of this energy consumption could be prevented? It’s time to make it transparent. For sustainability reasons too. Because saving energy means reducing cost and simultaneously reducing CO₂ emissions. And one way is by digitalizing low-voltage power distribution. That’s where the SENTRON concept comes into play. It’s made up of perfectly harmonized hardware, software, and apps. The SENTRON digital ecosystem is an extremely economical solution that represents an intelligent system for power distribution in low voltage.

How to achieve digital transparency for your power distribution

Take advantage of the data from measuring, switching, and protection devices to optimize energy usage in your electrical infrastructure.

SENTRON digital provides you with the perfect foundation that you can build on step by step to do this. Watch our short animated video to see how it works in actual practice. It shows how you can benefit from greater transparency on the low-voltage level. Have a look!

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Learn more about different aspects of SENTRON digital. Access your topic directly:

Power monitoring as the basis of transparency for energy data

Monitoring your energy consumption made real

What’s needed here are integrated solutions for extending intelligence all the way to the final subcircuits and enabling comprehensive power monitoring.

Energy consumption in focus

Power monitoring primarily means maintaining the transparency of energy flows. It’s an important way to reduce costs and boost reliability.

Digitalization allows you to monitor your electric infrastructure to a degree never before possible and make energy data transparent, both of which are important ways to save energy. Only by monitoring consumption can you sustainably reduce it and make your contribution to meeting global climate goals. Transparency through power monitoring is always the foundation for any kind of operational energy management or regular energy audits. 

Energy management

Energy efficiency made real

The realization of operational energy management pursues the objective of continually optimizing energy consumption. To do so, energy data must be recorded, and respective efficiency measurements must be developed continuously. By permanently collecting data and visualizing energy flows, potentials can be identified, and energy cost can be reduced effectively. The improvement of the energy data transparency therefore becomes a key prerequisite to successful energy management.

Ready for standard-compliant energy management

For power-intensive companies in particular, it’s important to be able to obtain data and analyses with as little effort as possible in order to control energy efficiency and create standard-compliant energy reports. Digitally supported electric power distribution makes this process much easier. The SENTRON powermanager power monitoring software displays important characteristics on a clearly organized dashboard, analyzes energy consumption and the load profile, and identifies peak loads. Cost-cutting measures can be derived immediately, and faults can be quickly located – to boost your awareness of energy consumption and lower your costs.

The reporting feature is especially interesting to power managers. ISO 50001-compliant energy reports can be generated almost at the press of a button.

Continual condition monitoring

Data based process optimization made real

Digitalization of low-voltage power distribution and the intelligent use of data enable additional applications, such as predictive maintenance and the management of widespread plants. With collected data, energy consumptions can be reduced – and service and maintenance of the electric infrastructure optimized at the same time.

Always informed, thanks to condition monitoring

Digitally supported electrical power distribution also contributes to efficient maintenance management by recording and evaluating condition data. This applies, for example, to the testing of circuit breakers. With the health indicator feature integrated in our 3VA2-type communication-capable SENTRON circuit breakers, you can learn everything about its status remotely – from a PC or mobile device, regardless of location. The IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000 can be configured so that an alert is sent via email whenever there is a deviation from a circuit breaker’s predefined parameters. The maintenance team is then immediately informed of exactly what needs to be done.

Learn more about condition monitoring

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Campus management – for high transparency

In widespread building complexes, so-called campus structures, as for example in an airport or seaport, office campus, or centrally managed areas with mixed uses, keeping an eye on all plant sections of power distribution is a big challenge for facility managers. The safety and protection of persons and plants is clearly in focus here. With the SENTRON software solutions, a quick error localization and remote access to all data are possible. At any given moment, you have access to the status information of your electrical equipment and the exact localization. In the event of an alarm or of predetermined events, you receive a push notification to your PC or any other mobile end device. 

SENTRON digitalization solutions in a variety of industries

SENTRON software and digitization

Software for ongoing operation made real

The foundation of every decision is data from the electric infrastructure. Those can be collected and analyzed with the help of consistent solutions from the SENTRON digital portfolio. The systems that are quickly and easily installed include the software SENTRON powermind and SENTRON powermanager as well as the IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000.

7KN Powercenter 3000

The compact 7KN Powercenter 3000 is your optimal gateway to digitalization. It fits into any control panel, where it serves as a central interface. This unique IoT data platform offers you a variety of options for data visualization and analysis, which makes it the foundation of your corporate energy management system. All the data from communication-capable field devices – including measuring, switching, and protection devices – is transmitted to the device and displayed right in the integrated web interface in various customizable views. As an option, the data can be transmitted to the cloud for continuous status, condition, and power monitoring.

SENTRON powermind

With the cloud application SENTRON powermind, energy and plant data can be analyzed in real time in the MindSphere cloud solution, regardless of location. SENTRON powermind provides you with an overview of current energy consumption that you can compare across different time periods – both for individual electrical consumers and for entire systems. This allows you to identify power guzzlers, reduce load peaks, and cut your overall energy costs. A simple introduction to cloud-based power monitoring is provided through the interaction between SENTRON powermind and the IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000.

SENTRON powermanager

The power monitoring software SENTRON powermanager offers you four attractive benefits. First, it provides extensive basic functions and manages the processing and export of data for energy reports. SENTRON powermanager can be used both as stand-alone software and as an integrated component of the Desigo CC building management system. Second, energy consumers can be transparently analyzed thanks to a display of important characteristics on a dashboard. Third, energy savings can be realized quickly thanks to the evaluation of peak loads and the load profile. And fourth, continuous monitoring of power distribution enables the early detection of critical system states. The end result is high system availability.

Übersicht SENTRON Digitalisierungskonzept

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SENTRON software for commissioning and service

Convenient parameterization made real

Do you need a software tool that supports you in the smooth installation and parameterization of individual devices even in big projects? Then SENTRON powerconfig is just the right software for you. It is ideal for initial installation, service activities, and other maintenance work.
Cybersecurity – for secure communication with SENTRON

Cybersecurity – for secure communication with SENTRON

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in many areas of critical infrastructure. With the defense-in-depth concept, we follow a holistic protection approach that also includes the power distribution on low-voltage level.


Success in business made real

Learn more about our TÜV-tested power monitoring system and its everyday use in practice.

Good news for power distribution made real

Digitalization of low-voltage power distribution is gathering momentum. Operators of buildings, small and medium-sized infrastructure systems, and industrial plants benefit in particular – without compromising reliability. Find out what’s new in this sector. We’ll be happy to keep you informed and up to date.

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