SIVACON 8PS – BD01 system

SIVACON 8PS – BD01 system

The safe and reliable power supply for small consumers and the innovative alternative to cables. For use in industry and trades for Current range from 40 A to 160 A.

Busbar instead of cables

SIVACON 8PS – BD01 system for small consumers

Whether in car repair shops or bakeries, photography studios or production facilities: Electric power must be available everywhere at any time in trades and industry. The BD01 busbar trunking system offers you modern and economical power supply solutions. It was specifically developed to ensure a safe and reliable power supply to small consumers, i.e. low electrical loads, and to implement power feed for lighting systems.

Supplying demand-based power safely and reliably

Simple planning, flexible power supply: The BD01 busbar trunking system is ideal for trades and industry. Conceived on a modular basis, the system can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. The prewired tap-off units can be individually equipped as needed. In addition, numerous add-on devices are available, such as protection devices and combinations with SCHUKO or CEE socket outlets. 

Error-free installation, clear assignment to electrical loads, and a high level of protection

The reliable technology used for the mechanical and electrical connections of the BD01 system makes it easy to install error-free. The tap-off points and units, which can be coded, can be clearly assigned to the individual electrical consumers. The tap-off points are only automatically opened upon connection of the tap-off units. As soon as the tap-off units are removed, that tap-off points close automatically. This provides a high level of protection for operating personnel.



01 Trunking unit

02 Junction unit

03 Feeding unit

04 Tap-off unit

05 Ancillary equipment unit

06 Suspension bracket

SIVACON 8PS – BD01 system. Your advantages at a glance

  • Finger-proof mounting by automatic opening and closing of the tap-off-point
  • Easy configuration and handling by connecting flanges with integrated expansion compensation
  • Reliable fire protection thanks to tested fire barrier
  • Flexible adaptation to every building structure by means of 3D junction units
  • Easy modification or expansion via plug-on/-off-tap-off-units
  • Reliable mechanical and electrical connection technology for error free installation thanks to the asymmetry of the connection point 
Technical data
Rated insulation voltage Ui
400 V AC
Rated operational voltage Ue
400 V AC
Degree of protection
IP54, IP55
Rated current InA
40 A to 160 A
Rated peak withstand current Ipk
Up to 15.3 kA
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (1 s)
Up to 2.5 kA
Number of conductors
4 (PE = housing)
Fire load
Max. 0.76 kWh/m
Fire load (per tap-off point)
Tap-off point/junction point
Either 0.5 m or 1 m on one side
Tap-off unit/junction box
Up to 63 A
Joining system
Connecting flanges with integrated expansion compensation
Conductor material
Aluminium or copper
Housing material
Galvanised and painted sheet steel

SIVACON 8PS in practice: one system, many applications

The BD01 system supplies the small electrical loads of office buildings, exhibition halls, data centers, and workshops with electric power – safely and reliably, as demand requires.

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system – Power for any application

The BD01 system is part of the comprehensive SIVACON 8PS product family. Busbar trunking systems are the innovative alternative to cables for a wide range of applications and sectors – whether for small electrical loads or production lines. 

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