SIVACON 8PS - LData system

SIVACON 8PS - System LData

The answer to the challenges of today's and tomorrow's data centers. The efficient and reliable power supply for data centers for current range of 1000 A.

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powerline technology

Rely on SIVACON 8PS with the new powerline technology

Innovative powerline technology enables SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems to transmit energy and energy data economically, safely, and reliably with plug-and-play functionality. Energy data is transmitted to automation and energy management systems and as well as to cloud-based systems (IoT) via the conductors. 

Busbar instead of cables

So that data centers can rely on their power supply

Data centers need a continuous power supply. Their operators should be able to perform retrofits and upgrades without interrupting operations. The LData system from the SIVACON 8PS product family support an easy planning and a rapid installation as well as a flexible and reliable operation.

Economical from end to end

With a current of up to 2,500 A, the system is already designed for the solutions of tomorrow. The modular tap-off units are particularly compact and allow for a flexible installation along the entire length of a busbar without fixed grid , e.g. at a spacing of 60 cm, corresponding to the common distance of the server racks.

In addition, the use of powerline technology supports operators to make energy consumption transparent and to continuously optimize it.

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Systematically safe and reliable for high availability

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems reduce potential sources of faults in the server room, reducing fire loads and improving access and modification opportunities for the entire power supply. Among other things, this increases system availability.

- design verified
- high short-circuit rating
- low fire load
- good electromagnetic compatibility

Flexible in planning and in operation

The modular construction of the LData system makes it much easier to plan electric power distribution in data centers, even when expanding existing facilities, and increases flexibility – two factors that are decisive for cost efficiency.

The electric power supply can be easily and quickly adapted to meet any new requirements. Various compact tap-off units are available to plan or expand the data center as easily as possible. They can be installed via plug & play under voltage without interrupting operations – subject to national standards. This can be done along the entire length of a busbar, e.g. at a spacing of 60 cm, corresponding to the grid of the server racks. Special tap-off points are no longer necessary.

SIVACON 8PS - LData system. Your advantages at a glance

-        High availability combined with high flexibility thanks to a busbar trunking system specially designed
         for data centers

-        Efficient solution with a current range up to 2,500 A - reduced energy losses through the use of larger
          cross-sections, developed for the needs of today and tomorrow

-        Thoroughly economical thanks to space-saving and modular design, energy-tap all over the system

-        Future oriented solution with the powerline technology and integration into overall systems and
         cloud-based solutions

-        Flexible end-to-end support with comprehensive TIP solutions ensuring substantial cost savings
         through the lifecycle

Technical data
Rated insulation voltage Ui
600 V
Rated operational voltage Ue
600 V
Degree of protection

Trunking unit: IP21

Tap-off units: IP21, IP41

Sprinkler test
Rated current InA
1000 A to 2500 A
Rated peak withstand Ipk
min. 84 kA
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (1 s)
min. 40 kA
Number of conductors
Data transmission
powerline, data cable
Joining system
Direct hook and bolt connection (LD-technology)
Conductor material
Aluminium, nickeled and tinned
Housing material
Sheet-steel, zinc and power coated, black (RAL9017)
IEC 61439-1/-6
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