SIMARIS control –                                                       digital intelligence for your  SIVACON S8plus

SIMARIS control

Enjoy the benefits of this system for efficient commissioning and costefficient operation, either as a motor control center (MCC) or as a mere power distribution board. Equipped with SIMARIS control, the SIVACON S8plus provides an entirely new perspective. SIMARIS control increases flexibility and transparency for efficient operation.

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Intelligent power distribution

SIMARIS control for more efficient and reliable workflows

SIMARIS control for more efficient and reliable workflows

  • Obtain operational diagnostics faster and more easily – based on your energy data
  • Define and check threshold values for supervision, control, and diagnostics more easily – transparency down to the individual feeder
  • Monitor operational data, such as switching rates and runtimes or temperatures, to plan maintenance predictively
  • Turn many individual devices into one integrated system – with SIMARIS control
  • Integrate your switchboard in your IT structure and in higher-level automation or cloud-based analysis systems
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Digitalization with SIMARIS control

Digitalization in five basic steps

Speed up and simplify your operational diagnostics – based on your energy data. Define threshold values for early reporting – for monitoring, control, and diagnostics – and transparency down to the individual feeder. Use data on switching rates and runtimes or temperatures to increase system availability through predictive maintenance and optimized energy management – and reduce both your costs and your application’s energy demand. The SIMARIS control software application turns many individual devices into a single integrated system and assists you with five basic functions.

Manage your energy data – with SIMARIS control

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