SIVACON –                  power distribution on a systematic basis

Underestimated components in the digital ecosystem

An effective, reliable, and safe power supply is the backbone of all operational and production processes. Often the focus is on power generation and power consumption, and the role of power distribution is still frequently underestimated. In the digital age, smart power distribution makes an important contribution to an efficient and sustainable ecosystem.

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard and the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems not only offer a high level of supply reliability for industrial plants, infrastructure, and buildings, but also help companies boost their energy and operational efficiency. Their durable components and optimized use of materials as well as their use in generating power from renewable sources make them a reliable, sustainable power distribution solution.

Resilience - Protect lives and investments

High operational safety and availability

The SIVACON systems – including connection of the busbar trunking systems to the switchboard – are design verified according to IEC 61439. These systems have proven physical properties under operating and fault conditions.

The active arc fault protection system of the SIVACON S8plus switchboard  contributes to a further increase in operational safety. The SIVACON systems allow you to create a coordinated and safe power distribution system for your production or infrastructure.

Your benefits: High system resilience
- Safe and reliable power distribution

Efficiency - System advantages from planning to operation

Efficiency in every project step

It is worth looking at the process chain as a whole.

For complex tasks with special requirements, whether in the process industry, in data centers, or in critical infrastructure, safe and reliable power distribution is essential. But it can do much more. From planning through installation to operation and maintenance: Tools and electrical systems working together in a coordinated way in each project step support efficient processes.

Your benefits: High system efficiency

- Transparent power flows

- Space-saving compact design

- High system flexibility for planning and operation

- Initiate maintenance measures in a timely and targeted manner

With the SIMARIS Suite, electrical planners can dimension a smart power distribution quickly and reliably. The SIMARIS planning tools effectively support your planning process, also in terms of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

The BusbarCheck app guides installers through the installation of busbar runs. The SIMARIS control diagnostics station integrated in the SIVACON S8plus low-voltage switchboard simplifies switchboard commissioning as well as the parameterization of installed devices.

SIMARIS control permits flexible operation. The HMI provides operators with more transparency over power flows and supports faster fault diagnostics and predictive maintenance for a high level of system availability. SIMARIS control offers interfaces for integration in other systems, including higher-level automation and energy management systems as well as cloud-based analysis systems.

Operators can adapt their power distribution to changes in usage easily and economically using busbar trunking systems. The optimal way to fully exploit the potential of digitalization all the way to the consumer is to deploy the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems with powerline technology. Thanks to plug-and-work, power and condition data is acquired and transferred via the conductor. Current and data travel on the same path.

Sustainability - Make power distribution sustainable

Contribution to a sustainable power distribution

The optimized use of materials and the high-quality components of the SIVACON S8 switchboards make a substantial contribution to sustainability.


The LDM and LDM-P busbar trunking systems are optimized for use in renewable power generation, including wind turbines and solar plants.

The LData system allows data centers to supply sustainable power to racks, and power losses are reduced through the use of larger cross-sections.

SIVACON 8PS systems are resource-efficient, reusable and easy to recycle. They feature low-loss connection technology and an optimized use of materials as well as a low fire load. Relevant certificates document the environmental profile of the systems.



Your benefits: Environmentally friendly power distribution
- Optimized use of materials and durable components
- Contribution to reducing your carbon footprint

Interaction: SIVACON – power distribution on a systematic

Smart low-voltage power distribution

In the digital age, industry players are faced with various challenges, e.g. the interface between production and energy. Siemens supports with smart power distribution systems here. Benefit from the digitalization for a consistent planning, an efficient installation and a future-oriented operation.

Overallsystem for intelligent power distribution in the digital age

The combination of SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboards and SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems is safe and consistently design verified according to IEC 61439-2/-6. It offers the right technology for any power supply task.


Your benefits
Consistent design: Everything fits together

Efficient and safe installation of all components: Reliable and safe

Future-oriented operation: Make energy data easily available and exploit the data’s full potential

Portfolio: SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard

SIVACON – low voltage power distributiion

Low-Voltage Switchboard SIVACON S8

Whether for complex tasks with special requirements in the process industries, in data centers, or in critical infrastructure – with this flexible, safe, and intelligent electric power distribution system, you can not only distribute power, but can also manage your processes efficiently and reliably.

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SIVACON – low voltage power distribution

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems

As an innovative alternative to cable installation, the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems continue to impress throughout the project and across different applications – from power supply to workshops through office buildings or commercial buildings up to the connection of e-vehicle charging stations.


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