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3TM vacuum contactors

Safely switch operating currents in medium-voltage power distribution systems and ensuring end-to-end protection for your system operation

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3TM vacuum contactors – ideal for high switching frequencies

Compact, energy-efficient 3TM vacuum contactors are flexible to use and are suited for all relevant areas in medium-voltage power distribution, for rated voltages of 7.2 to 15 kV and rated operational currents up to 450 A. They ensure safe switching of operational currents and overload currents in categories AC-1 to AC-4 – even during voltage dips. From conveyor systems and elevators, pumping stations, transformer and transfer stations, reactive power compensation equipment, and industrial network distribution systems, to electric furnaces, data centers, wind power plants, and photovoltaic panels – vacuum contactors ensure end-to-end protection for your system operation.
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Access to the new 3TM configurator for vacuum contactors.

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