High-Power Testing Laboratory

In the high-power testing laboratory circuit breakers and other medium voltage components will be tested for short-circuit making and breaking capacity, capacitive switching capacity, short-time and peak-withstand current and various other tests. A nominal short-circuit current of up to 40 kA at 19 kV can be generated during tests. The power can be adapted to the respective requirements using power transformers and reactors.

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Testing portfolio

- Short-circuit tests for making and breaking capacity of circuit breakers

- Capacitive switching capacity tests

- Short-time and peak-withstand current tests for determination of dynamic and thermal stress

- Load current switching tests
- Motor current switching tests

- Electrical endurance tests for short-circuit currents

- Making capacity tests for earthing switches

- Breaking capacity for normal currents performed as endurance test

Our testing laboratory at a glance:


Performance data of the high-power testing laboratory


  • Maximum generator output                                                                                1300 MVA
  • Maximum short-circuit current (single and three phase[peak/rms])             105/40 kA
  • Maximum short time withstand current, 3 s (says 4s below)                         72 kA
  • Frequency                                                                                                               50/60 Hz

Overview ov the technical equipment

Short-circuit generator

Technical data of short-circuit generator


  • Nominal voltage (star/delta)                                           19 / 11 kV
  • Maximum operating voltage                                           21 kV
  • Nominal power                                                                  64 MVA
  • Nominal speed                                                                   3000 / 3600 U/min
  • Operating frequency                                                         50 / 60 Hz
  • Maximum short-circuit current                                        40 kA at 19 kV
  • Weight of stator                                                                 160 t
  • Weight of rotor                                                                   38 t
  • Overall weight                                                                    210 t

The heart of the high-power testing laboratory is the formed? by a short circuit generator supplied by Siemens generator plant. The power of 1300 MVA corresponds to a maximum short-circuit current of 40 kA at a source voltage of 19 kV.

A 1.5 MW asynchronous machine fed (controlled?) by a frequency converter operates as the drive engine. The starting time is roughly 10 minutes. Braking to complete stop takes about 40 minutes.

Short-circuit transformer

Electrical characteristics of the transformers


  • Manufacturer                                                                         Siemens
  • No. of single-phase units                                                     3
  • Nominal design rating of one unit                                     120 MVA
  • Nominal voltages                                                                  35/70/140 kV
  • Low voltage                                                                           max. 19 kV
  • High voltage, single-phase                                                  max. 420 kV
  • Nominal frequency                                                               50 Hz
  • Max. permissible primary short-circuit current                40 kA
  • Max. permissible peak short-circuit current                     68 kA
  • Weight per unit (filled with oil)                                          120 t

The transformers are of six-leg type, each of the four central legs being equipped with a 35 kV coil on the high-voltage (HV) side. The two outer legs are unwound and form the return path for the magnetic flux. The four coils can be connected in any combination. Metal-oxide arresters are used to protect the windings against switching over voltages that can appear between phase and ground and phase-to-phase.


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