High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

Power frequency voltage tests, lightning impulse voltage tests, switching impulse voltage tests and other tests can be carried out, e.g. partial discharge (PD) measurements. If necessary, monitoring camera systems are used. The high-voltage test laboratory is shielded. This enables sensitive PD measurements with a low noise level of less than 0.5 pC.

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Power frequency voltage test system

- Tests up to 220 kV / 100 kVA at 50 Hz

Partial discharge tests

- Tests with ground noise level less than 0.5pC up to 100kV

- Two separately operated partial discharge measurement systems

- Analyses of partial discharge source by the use of partial discharge fingerprint possible

Cavities without electrode contact and their measurement

Delamination or cavities with electrode contact and their measurement

Moisture on the surface of the insulating component and their measurement

Lightning impulse voltage test system

- Tests up to 500 kV / 6.25 kJ

- Lightning impulse voltage tests (Pulse form 1,2 / 50 μs, according to IEC60060-1) including chopped wave

- Switching impulse voltage tests (Pulse form 250 / 2500 μs, according to IEC60060-1)


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