Mechanical Testing Laboratory

The mechanical testing laboratory examines and analyzes mechanical functions and environmental properties and conducts e.g. tightness and temperature rise tests. Modern measurement technology enables the precise, partially automated logging and analysis of measured data.

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Testing portfolio

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The mechanical test laboratory includes a high-current facility for temperature rise tests at 50 Hz up to 10,000A, a temperature chamber for -70°C to +100°C, and control and measurement systems for performing continuous switching tests.

Extract from the testing portfolio of the mechanical testing laboratory

  • mechanical endurance test
  • continuous current tests
  • High and low temperature tests
  • Tensile-pressure measurement up to 20kN
  • Motion measurements linear up to 7.2 m/s and angular up to max 25 m/s
  • Torque measurement up to 500 Nm
  • High-speed camera up to 10.000 fps


Technical characteristics of the mechanical testing laboratory
Maximal current for temperature rise tests
50 Hz up to10 kA
Temperature range of the temperature chamber (3m x 2.45m x 2.2 m / WDH)
-70 to +100 °C, 0.2 K/min
Temperature range of the small temperature cell (0.53m x 0.35m x 0.63m)
-40 to +180°C, 3.5 K/min
16 Mechanical endurance test stands (SIMATIC controlled)
up to 350V AC/DC power supply Test programs (C-O, CO, C-O-t-CO, C)

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