Services for Electrification & Automation

Services for Electrification & Automation

We offer you a comprehensive service in terms of planning, advice and implementation over the entire lifetime of systems and equipment from a single source. As part of our service contracts, we ensure the operation of the energy infrastructure, while our customers can concentrate on their core business. Whether you want to increase your system’s availability and lifetime or you want to make your electrical assets fit to the age of digitalization, there’s always a solution we can provide to you.

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Service information

Here you will find information about the service of Siemens AG for medium and low voltage systems. For information about the service for high voltage systems of Siemens Energy AG please click the link. Siemens AG and Siemens Energy AG are not affiliated companies.
MV and LV system services

Ensuring fault-free operation of medium and low voltage switchgears

To guarantee efficient and safe power distribution, it is key that medium and low voltage switchgears in power networks operate in a highly reliable manner and comply with the performance requirements – despite age and wear. Our worldwide customer-focused Siemens service centers offer all services needed to keep your medium and low voltage switchgears functioning and up-to-date. We service Siemens products as well as Magrini Galileo, Merlin Gerin, Elin Holec and Reyrolle products.

Keep your medium and low voltage equipment in its best possible shape

Even the most reliable and rugged distribution assets are subject to wear and aging. To avoid expensive failures and downtime, your equipment needs excellent care and ongoing service. That’s why we support you throughout the entire life span of your devices, maintaining them in the best possible shape and even increasing their performance, while at the same time saving on investments and reducing lifecycle costs.

Our services cover the full range – from planned maintenance and inspections, repair and emergency services and spare parts, to modernizations and extensions, trainings, asset management, reviews and consulting.


Highlight services for the future of your medium-voltage equipment

Siemens offers a wide range of services for maintaining and even increasing the availability and performance of your medium-voltage equipment. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Circuit breaker monitoring for greater service reliability

The reliability of MV circuit breakers is generally high, but due to life time extension trend and changed maintenance policies, care should be taken to maintain an acceptable reliability level in all situations. This is a challenge when the components, like the drives, are exposed to hazardous and severe environmental conditions. Especially when the circuit breakers are not operated for a long time, mechanical parts can malfunction due to dirty conditions.

Our monitoring system Assetguard MVC takes care of the service reliability of the medium-voltage circuit breakers, also monitoring the tripping and closing functionalities and main contacts wear.

The right spare part at the right time at your fingertips

As an OEM for medium and low voltage switchgears, Siemens has been supplying the global market for decades. Thousands of medium and low voltage assets from all generations are in operation. In the event of failure, there is an urgent need for the proper spare part. But availability of spare parts is limited depending on the age of the equipment. Sometimes long lead times need to be considered. With our strategic spare parts solution, we provide you with comprehensive consulting services for an optimized spare parts management, based on detailed assessments and analysis via standardized reviews. We offer five different interconnected modules, but you can choose any combination or a single module according to your individual needs.

  • Module 1: Installed base alignment
  • Module 2: Inspection of customer spare parts storage
  • Module 3: Spare parts recommendation
  • Module 4: Condition assessment of equipment
  • Module 5: Strategic spares solution
Service overview

Service solutions for every need of your MV and LV systems

Continue running your business without electrical worries. Whether you want to increase your system’s availability and lifetime or you need an extension, there’s always a solution we can provide to you. With Siemens you benefit from over 160 years of OEM experience and nearly 50 years of OEM experience in the field of MV and LV equipment. 
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If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to keep your medium and low voltage switchgears and equipment fit for tomorrow’s energy demands and technological, economical, and safety-related requirements, please contact our Customer Support Center. Our experts look forward to answering all your questions about our medium and low voltage services, and we’ll be pleased to provide you with comprehensive information.

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