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Convenient electrical planning with SIMARIS planning tools

Planning the electric power distribution for industrial plants, infrastructure, and buildings is becoming more and more complex. To assist electrical planners in working faster and better under the existing conditions, the innovative SIMARIS planning tools effectively support their planning process, also in terms of BIM (Building Information Modeling): SIMARIS design for network calculation and dimensioning, SIMARIS project for BIM-compliant planning, for determining the space requirements of the power distribution system and creating technical specifications, and SIMARIS curves for visualizing tripping characteristics, let-through current curves, and let-through energy curves. The SIMARIS Suite is the platform for your unitary access to all SIMARIS planning tools. Futhermore, you receive current information and you can find support documents and videos.

All SIMARIS planning tools on one platform

SIMARIS Suite Free of Charge Download


Now available: The new SIMARIS generation

You can find the new generation of the SIMARIS planning tools in the SIMARIS Suite now.

  • SIMARIS design 10: for network calculation and dimensioning - allows also to create meshed and ring networks (with the professional version you can also calculate and dimension them) and lots more
  • SIMARIS project 6.1: for determining the space requirements of distributing systems and the budget as well as creating technical specifications and BIM data - learn more
  • SIMARIS curves 6.1: for visualizing characteristic tripping curves, cut-off current and
    let-through energy curves - learn more
  • SIMARIS Online Toolbox:  with three useful calculation tools for the daily business - learn more
  • Further highlights of the SIMARIS Suite: Access to tender specification texts, news, support documents/videos, contact partners and lots more

The SIMARIS Suite at a glance

SIMARIS planning tools at a glance

Contact Partners

Our SIMARIS contact partners will be pleased to help you with any questions regarding the software itself or the project you are currently working on.


They will also support you in regards of the download of the SIMARIS Suite, the registration or the installation of the separate software tools.


Support for SIMARIS planning tools

This section contains the links for download of the SIMARIS planning tools and registration. You can also find interesting assistance such as the Tutorials, Help files and a Technical manual under “Support Documents and Publications”, which support to familiarize with the software and also to work with the software.

A hotfix is an update to correct one or just a few errors. It does not contain a functionality expansion, but merely eliminates the error.


An update may contain a functionality expansion or a change in provided product portfolio besides elimination of errors.


Because all 3 programs include the possibility for an online update now, you only need the hotfixes and updates prepared here, if you don´t have the possibility for online update.



Download for SIMARIS design

  • The current hotfix installation package for SIMARIS design 10.0.1 can be downloaded here.
  • The download of the current SIMARIS design 10.0 version can only be done via the SIMARIS Suite. New features and updates implemented in this version can be found here.


Download for SIMARIS project

  • Currently there are no hotfixes or updates.
  • The installation of the current SIMARIS project 6.1 version can only be done via the SIMARIS Suite. New features and updates implemented in this version can be found here.


Download for SIMARIS curves


General procedure for installation of a hotfix/update: 
Save the zip-file on your computer first. Extract the zip-file then and run it afterwards, e.g. via double click. For installation you need administrator rights for your computer. The respective SIMARIS program has to be closed during installation.

The provided hotfixes and updates include all hotfixes and updates provided before. So you can run the hotfixes and updates with installed basic version as well as with already installed former hotfixes/updates.

SIMARIS design is available in different country specific versions in the following languages.

SIMARIS project is available in the following languages.

SIMARIS curves is available in the following languages.

We try to extend our offer continuously – all new language versions will be provided for download here upon their availability.

Brochure SIMARIS Planning Tools

Software functions in detail 

Software functions in detail

SIMARIS design / SIMARIS project

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you together with the corresponding answers that refer to various topics around the SIMARIS planning tools. Depending on the feedback we receive, you will find FAQ on each individual SIMARIS planning tool as well as an overview of FAQ relating to issues concerning all of the SIMARIS planning tools. 


We offer trainings and workshops on the SIMARIS planning tools in many countries. The information if and when a training or workshop will take place in your country you can get from your local contact partner.