SIMARIS curves

Visualization and evaluation of characteristic curves with SIMARIS curves: easy and fast

The SIMARIS curves software, which also comes free of charge, visualizes characteristic curves with tolerance bands as well as setting options of specific parameters for low-voltage protective devices and fuses (IEC). Characteristic cut-off current and let-through energy curves are also displayed. Practical advantage: You can save selected tripping curves as favorites or overall project! The SIMARIS Suite is the platform for your unitary access to all SIMARIS planning tools. You can download it in order to work with SIMARIS curves.

SIMARIS curves is part of the SIMARIS Suite

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Now available: The new SIMARIS generation

You can find the new generation of the SIMARIS planning tools in the SIMARIS Suite now.

  • SIMARIS design 10: for network calculation and dimensioning - allows also to create meshed and ring networks (with the professional version you can also calculate and dimension them) and lots more
  • SIMARIS project 6.1: for determining the space requirements of distributing systems and the budget as well as creating technical specifications and BIM data - learn more
  • SIMARIS curves 6.1: for visualizing characteristic tripping curves, cut-off current and
    let-through energy curves - learn more
  • SIMARIS Online Toolbox:  with three useful calculation tools for the daily business - learn more
  • Further highlights of the SIMARIS Suite: Access to tender specification texts, news, support documents/videos, contact partners and lots more

You want to visualize and evaluate the characteristic tripping curves of Siemens low-voltage protective devices and fuses (IEC) quickly and easily without creating a new project in SIMARIS design? This is precisely what the free SIMARIS curves software does for you.


The free tool SIMARIS curves in 20 languages for planning electrical power distribution - just download the SIMARIS Suite from this site and install SIMARIS curves.


SIMARIS curves enables viewing several characteristic tripping curves in parallel and also simulating parameter settings for protective devices.* To display characteristic curves, select appropriate products by directly entering the Siemens order number, or use the convenient catalogue selection based on technical device data.


This tool also facilitates the saving of individual products with freely definable attributes as favorites and their call-up via a click. In addition to tripping characteristics with tolerance ranges and possible parameter adjustments, also cut-off current and let-through energy characteristic curves are offered, depending on the device type. A clearly structured printout documents the selected characteristic curves and their respective settings. Take a closer look at the functions of SIMARIS curves!


* We recommend to use SIMARIS design professional for selectivity evaluation.

The functionalities of SIMARIS curves at a glance

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