E-House solutions – the fast-track project approach

E-House solutions – the fast-track project approach

E-Houses are customized, pre-assembled and pre-tested modular power substations. They are ideally suited for use in situations where interim solutions are needed, or in locations that are difficult to access. The simple reason is that they are easy to assemble and put into operation. They provide a rapid and flexible power supply, precisely where it’s needed. E-Houses have proven themselves as an alternative to conventional power distribution solutions. They have been installed in large numbers throughout the world in industry and infrastructure, and for network operators.

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Pre-fabricated electrification - 
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E-House VR App

E-House VR App – Enjoy modular E-House solutions

Step into the E-House solution from Siemens and enjoy the comprehensive product portfolio of Smart Infrastructure Distribution Systems (SI DS) in the  360° virtual reality.

Data Center VR APP

Data Center VR APP - Have you ever seen the prefabricated skid solution for data centers from Siemens? Click and experience a data center with installed power distribution products and solutions from Siemens. 

Ehouse virtual reality tour

Enjoy 360° - views inside and outside of an E-House

This “distribution room” is one of 16 No. Secondary E-House Substations providing in total 1.700 m² operating space for one of our customers in South America, Brazil.

E-House provides electrical power – to wherever it´s needed

Fast, flexible and reliable: E-House is a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented entirely to suit your requirements. Quickly and easily, since E-House is built, set up, and pre-tested at the factory, and then assembled, connected and put into operation on-site.

Well equipped for your needs: E-House can be perfectly configured and customized

NXPower Monitor
Fire detection, alarming and evacuation
Fire extinguishing and suppression
SINAMICS medium-voltage converters
Energy Automation
Security Solutions
SINAMICS low-voltage converters



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