E-House solutions – the fast-track project approach

E-House solutions – the fast-track project approach

E-Houses are prefabricated substations used as power distribution centers. Such containerized substations provide switchgear rooms as required. For special applications like Datacenters skids can be provided for rapid deployment. Mobile E-Houses are installed on trailers as portable substations. E-House solutions can solve various project challenges and support on common sustainability goals. 

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Pre-fabricated electrification - 
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E-House VR App

E-House VR App 2.0 – Enjoy our comprehensive energy and automationportfolio for your E-House solution

Discover our extended product presentation & digital offerings in the 360° virtual reality. 

Data Center VR APP

Data Center VR APP - Have you ever seen the prefabricated skid solution for data centers from Siemens? Click and experience a data center with installed power distribution products and solutions from Siemens. 

Ehouse virtual reality tour

Enjoy 360° - views inside and outside of an E-House

This “distribution room” is one of 16 No. Secondary E-House Substations providing in total 1.700 m² operating space for one of our customers in South America, Brazil.

E-House provides electrical power – to wherever it´s needed

Fast, flexible and reliable: E-House is a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented entirely to suit your requirements. Quickly and easily, since E-House is built, set up, and pre-tested at the factory, and then assembled, connected and put into operation on-site.

Well equipped for your needs: E-House can be perfectly configured and customized

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