Smart integration of photovoltaic power generation into the grid

Smart integration of photovoltaic power generation into the grid

The use of renewable energy sources is growing at a tremendous pace, a development that is presenting grids with new challenges. These include maintaining reliable stability at all times despite fluctuating levels of energy being fed into the grid. Our PV portfolio is the right answer for the challenges of the future. We offer a complete package of proven components and modern systems like PV string and central inverter systems. It also includes necessary MV and LV electrical equipment in e-Houses, Photovoltaic plant control and even complete microgrids, along with comprehensive offerings for grid studies, plant simulation and financing, all the way to commissioning and services.

Complete solution

Photovoltaic Systems for utility-scale solar power plants

Central inverters:  a future-proof solution for large photovoltaic power plants 

The PV central inverter system is a convenient “plug-and play” solution with maximum power density combining inverter, transformer, and ring main unit. The central inverter offers an integrated DC/AC distribution for high efficiency.

String inverters: the centerpiece of decentralized solar power plants

  • String inverters with 1100 Volt or 1500 Volt input voltage 
  • Flexible for decentralized design or 'Virtual Central' concept 
  • Special properties for extreme climatic conditions 
  • Comfortable handling, simple logistics 
  • Cost-effective solutions for reactive power as well as grid and system protection  
  • Lean commissioning and maintenance via remote services 
  • Fitting pre- and after-sales services