Simply reliable: On-board pantographs for eBuses

Fewer components, less prone to defects: The charging pantographs from Siemens intentionally use a simple mechanism to position the charging head. Thanks to the small number of components, the charging pantograph is lightweight and requires little maintenance. In addition to its simple design, the charging pantograph highlights full compensation of kneeling and parking inaccuracies.

Connecting you to the green future of transportation

To ensure that your passengers get from A to B reliably, electric vehicles in public transportation need a reliable supply of charging power. The flexible mounting of the charging head on the lifting mechanism compensates 100 percent of the kneeling movement of the bus to either side. This means that the charging head of the pantograph always remains ideally aligned with the charging hood – for both left- and right-hand drive vehicles. In addition, the lifting mechanism with two parallel guide rods ensures that any vehicle parking inaccuracies are fully compensated. This guarantees an optimal charging process at every stop.

Innovative and reliable charging

Reliable, flexible, safe, and compatible with standard portfolio products: The charging pantographs of Siemens convince with sophisticated functionality that sets new standards.
Simple kinematics

The robust mechanical design of the charging pantograph ensures a high tolerance regarding mechanical shocks, contamination, and other external influences.

Compelling in all its details