Depot solutions

Depot solutions

Reliable, flexible and futureproof
White Paper: Smart depot solutions

Your journey to successful electrification

To electrify your fleet is an exciting and at the same time challenging journey. We at Siemens are

committed to take the extra mile and to go on this journey with you to create tailor-made solutions for

every type of fleet, for every depot charging infrastructure and smooth depot operation.

Depot solutions

The climate and the impact of public transport

The 21st century had some challenges prepared for us as global society. We all feel, we are at the edge of a fundamental change – a transition of important parts of our lives.

Climate change in particular includes a lot of challenges which force to a new thinking. Which also leads to the fact that we are pushed out of our comfort zones and the way how we make decisions.

According to IEA’s Tracking Report 2019 public transport has a share of 24% on global CO2-emissions. With a transition from combustion engine to electric we would safe CO2-emissions.


Numbers which for many create challenges in a new environment which some are not yet familiar. So how to perform this transition smoothly? How to be effective and efficient? And this during operation?

What kind of solution is necessary to charge the entire fleet in time? Which grid connection is necessary? Which software solution is appropriate and can be integrated to the existing software landscape? What else has to be considered? Who can offer a service package which is future-oriented? Who guarantees, that the respective offering is what is needed? How shall this investment be financed? Where do I get funding and financial support?

A lot of important questions and these are only a small number of them.




Charging systems for ebuses

Siemens is at the forefront of this technology with tailored solutions that are already running on many locations.