Electrified fleet – sustainable transport

Electrified fleet – sustainable transport

Safe and reliable charging infrastructure for your electric depots – with the right partner at your side.

Electric depots

Learn more about our solutions for electric depots in our iPDF.

Your benefits

Plan a comprehensive solution for all your depot needs

Charged with passion

Your journey to successful electrification

Electrifying your fleet is an exciting and challenging journey. We at Siemens are committed to going the extra mile and accompanying you on this journey by creating custom-made solutions for every type of fleet and every depot charging infrastructure – and ensuring smooth depot operation.
Intelligent planning

Build a reliable foundation for your transition with effective upfront planning

Analyzing and aligning all relevant parameters – including your fleet’s route data, available energy at the grid edge, existing IT infrastructure, physical space, and boundary conditions – requires the support of a strong partner. Siemens helps you develop the most effective transition plan and the most reliable operational package.
Right charging infrastructure

Proven hardware for any charging task in your depot

Depending on your fleet composition and its charging demands, both DC and AC chargers can be installed in your depot. We have the right charging equipment for any electric vehicle, whether it’s a bus, truck, duty vehicle, or electric car. Choose from the SICHARGE UC family and our VersiCharge product range to find the right equipment to efficiently run any depot.
SICHARGE UC product family for DC charging

Flexible and space-saving with

  • High-power DC charging supporting electric vehicles up to 1,000 V DC
  • Various connection options
  • Robust, durable design for outdoor use
  • Interoperability and futureproof design
  • Perfect for opportunity and depot charging
Depot grid connect

The basis for your depot electrification is robust and reliable grid access with MV switchgear, transformer, and LV distribution. The Siemens portfolio has proven itself over many years in operation – as has our partnership and excellent consulting on the integration of renewable energies (photovoltaics) direct supply or battery storage for buffer purposes and second-life battery use – which takes your depot to the next level of sustainable energy supply.

Two state-of-the-art options for AC charging


  • One charging port up to 22 kW
  • Intuitive LED user interface
  • Two charging ports each up to 22 kW
  • 7’’ display for user interface and own content
  • Customizable design
  • Socket and cable options
  • Various connection options
  • Robust for outdoor
Digital solutions

Efficient management of charging operations

Siemens is releasing a focused portfolio of digital solutions to make your life easier by increasing uptime, reducing CAPEX and OPEX, and integrating charging and depot management. The CONNECT package supports the management of chargers and is the first in a series of software modules to be released. We’re working on more features to support the operation of your fleet and your whole depot, including controlling your energy consumption and costs. o Choose from the SICHARGE UC and SICHARGE CC AC22 family and our VersiCharge product range to find the right equipment to efficiently run any depot.
Reduced grid connection

Reduced the grid connection by sharing power between chargers and over time periods in an optimal manner.
Included in March release:

  • Total power optimization taking into account
  • depot schedule, energy prices, charger details, vehicle details

Decrease your CO2 emissions and reduce grid dependency with renewable generation and storage.
Included in March release:

  • Tailored integration services from concept to delivery
  • Integration with microgrid controllers
Smart Charging

Save costs and protect your charging operations using advanced load management techniques.

  • Load share between chargers
  • Set maximum power levels for charger groups
  • Utilize multiple control groups
  • Prioritization algorithms (First In First Out, First In Last Out, SPLIT, Round-Robin)
AI enabled adaptive optimization

Ensure that the charging schedule is always the optimum, all day, every day.
Included in March release:

  • AI driven optimization
  • Live monitoring of actual vehicle schedule
API Integration

Seamless integration of the charging management system with your operations using REST API interfaces.

  • Tailored integration services from concept to delivery
  • Integrating with business systems, telematics partners, depot operations and others
Automated Notifications

Decrease response times by managing incidents end to end with event driven notifications which can be integrated into your existing operations systems.

  • In-app notifications of charger errors
  • Automated email alerts from events
  • Export details via API
Remote resets

Reduce maintenance visits and safeguard your schedule by clearing charger faults remotely.

  • Remote reboot of the chargers 
  • Access-controlled
Reduced energy costs

Reduced the energy costs for charging by moving charging schedules from on-peak electricity to off-peak electricity.
Included in March release:

  • Energy cost optimization taking into account
  • depot schedule, energy prices, charger details, vehicle details
Operational Overview

Stay informed at all times by connecting your chargers to view the complete live status and performance of the charging operations in one application.

  • Live monitoring of the charger status
  • Detailed troubleshooting views
  • Detailed Charge Reports
  • Export records via API
Connected services

Rely on us – we care

We are not satisfied until you are. Not only during the initial installation of our hardware and software, but above all with a view to future challenges. With our Care Packages, we offer you tailored, first-class services and our support throughout the lifecycle of your charging equipment – to maximize your uptime and ensure the highest availability of your fleet.

The basic Care package is included during the warranty period and can be extended by subscription. 

It ensures that firmware updates keep your charger up-to-date as eMobility continues to evolve.

Remote analyses and diagnostics are performed by our support center on demand.

Care Plus

Enjoy all Care digital services and more with our Care Plus package.

Your charger will be proactively monitored and analyzed by our operation center, and you will receive priority delivery of firmware updates.

On schedule, on time, and at top quality

Electric depots to support your daily operations

Electromobility plays a key role in making the transportation sector more sustainable. Moving around people and goods involves specific challenges, and with our comprehensive eMobility approach and our fully-fledged hardware and digital portfolio, you can rest assured that you’ll meet the needs of your customers – whatever type of fleet you have.

eMobility Customer Service

Please call our Customer Hotline Service number if you want to report a technical problem with your charger product or if you require technical support.