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Energizing Cities and Utilities

In municipalities, challenges and demands are constantly increasing. You have to balance varying needs within your city’s ecosystems. We can help you find the right way to master today’s and upcoming tasks for energy, infrastructure, and eMobility.


Energizing through grid integration

You: Are looking for an integrative, cost-effective solution that will help solve your eMobility challenges. A solution that meets all relevant codes and standards, A solution that is balanced to meet demand and fulfill expectations.


We: Are your long-term partner offering cutting-edge technology and reliable support for any residential, commercial, or industrial application – with understanding and experience.


Together: We prepare for the future by creating your individual eMobility ecosystem. 

Products, services and solutions for you

Inspiration is our key to create the right fit for you and with you. Our charging infrastructure acts as the foundation for a more economical, environmental, and effective electric ecosystem. Choose what you need from an experienced, global player – together, we find the right solution for you.

Energizing through innovative solutions

A strong infrastructure and dependable charging systems help people get from A to B – quickly and reliably. Siemens has the expertise and the products to support you on your eMobility journey.

Partner for the long term 

Here at Siemens, we work toward solutions that will be just as relevant in 10 or 20 years. We design for easy expansion and future upgrading. And we stay with you over the complete duration of your project – from defining your business model, planning the infrastructure solution, implementing the charging system to the full-service assistance.

Expertise backed by quality 

Siemens provides a full-spectrum approach – across the planning, implementation and operation of eMobility charging infrastructures. Our engineering and design experience means we’re ready for any size project. And our extensive portfolio means we have the expertise and the products to help eMobility achieve extensive breakthroughs in your city or utility. 

Solutions with real-world benefits

An eMobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges – from growing traffic volumes or increasing air pollution to rising costs. But it will always contribute to making your city, municipality or utility even more modern, attractive and environmentally friendly.

Which is your application?

Making the most of the eMobility revolution, means working in a context of interlocking infrastructures, including energy storage and electric charging. See how we’re moving eMobility forward, together.

Success stories that energize the electromobile world

Imagine your world with eMobility solutions. Find inspiration in our projects.

eMobility Customer Service

Please call our Customer Hotline Service number if you want to report a technical problem with your charger product or if you require technical support.