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Energizing Mobility

The world of mobility is evolving. The rise of electric vehicles, and the growth of smart technology is paving the way for how people and goods are moved. By providing a range of high-performance solutions, we ensure charging is as effortless and as fast as people need it to be. The result? Solutions that create a sustainable and caring future for people, the environment, and the planet.


With our series of webinars, our customers can stay on top of the latest developments of electric charging. 

Recordings of the previous webinars


Our next webinar for you

Managing EV charging infrastructure

  • Building Integration & Station Management
  • Charge Point Operation Services
  • Charger as a Service (Financing options)

Date & time of the webinar: 16:00 - 17:00 CEST, 3 December 2020

Upcoming webinars

New product launch (IEC)

  • Fast Charging Dynamic and Parallel
  • New high power DC charger
  • Use cases for public and enterprise charging

Date & time of the webinar: 16:00 - 17:00 CEST,  January 2021


Plug-to-Grid: Bus, Truck, and Commercial Fleet Design

  • System Consulting, Depot Planning
  • Charging Products and Systems (UL)
  • Depot Management Services

Date & time of the webinar: 16:00 - 17:00 CEST, January 2021


Additional webinars and online series

Trending in a new direction (focus on USA)

Virtual and On Demand series where we discuss trending topics around transportation electrification, renewable integration, sustainability, and more. 

Ask our experts (focus on Canada)

Upcoming and on-demand webinars on our comprehensive Smart Infrastructure portfolio offerings.


Previous webinars

Charging the future with AC solutions, 30 September 2020

Whether adding EV chargers to your workspace or public location, along roads/highways, through your utility program, or even if you are electrifying your own fleet, Siemens has the solution.

Join us in this webinar to learn more about our latest AC charging technology and how it will easily help you enable the future of eMobility.


You can watch the recording here >


Webinar Topics

  • AC charging use cases - Public, work, and home charging
  • VersiCharge in its 3rd generation - continuous development of nearly ten years
  • Charging solutions as an integral part of your building and business

Bus and commercial Fleet Depots, 16 September 2020

Climate change in particular includes a lot of challenges which force to a new thinking. This transition shall not be underestimated and has to be prepared in a reliable, structured and sustainable manner. Creating the depot for your future needs, whether for logistics, eBus and/or heavy-duty vehicles, can be challenging. Having the right partner next to you is essential. 


You can watch the recording here >

Webinar Topics

•    System Consulting & Depot Planning Approach

•    Charging Products and System (IEC)

•    Experience sharing - fleets in Operation

Enterprise Charging, 22 July 2020

Whether you are just beginning your commitment to decarbonization, electrifying your fleet, or offering employee charging, join us to see how Siemens is helping customers with the right technology, expertise, and global experience to help them reach their goals.


Based on building up our own infrastructure we are able to plan, design and deliver intelligent charging infrastructure to simplify the user experience. In this session, we discussed how you can easily integrate chargers into your enterprise environment, as well as how you can manage your EV infrastructure.


You can watch the recording here >


Webinar Topics

•    Energizing the mobility transition
      - Welcome & challenges for the mobility transition for enterprises        

•    Ensuring operability of your new eMobility ecosystem
      - Operational needs to run an eMobility system flexible, reliable and efficient

•    Caring about the investment
      - Charging as a service

•    The mobility concept for the enterprise of the future
      - Taking care about your fleet - how to charge @work, @home and @public

•    The eMobile future for enterprises in a nutshell
      - How Siemens charging solutions can help modern enterprises

Grid Edge Summit: eMobility charging – energizing mobility, 17 June 2020

We bring together three worlds – energy, mobility and buildings – to provide an integrated, flexible ecosystem for future transport needs. We plan, design and deliver intelligent charging infrastructure that connect grids with charging infrastructure in buildings, communities and cities. We integrate eMobility solutions into smart grids to make the most of local and renewable energy sources, while always ensuring continuity of supply.


You can watch the recording here.