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SICHARGE CC AC 22 is the both elegant and extremely robust charger, perfect for public charging or welcoming your guest.

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LED Status Indicator:

The Multi color status LEDs, higher than most cars are perfectly visible from far and help drivers finding the right charging station or observing the charging status.

Inclined Surface:

The inclined surface on top of the charger ensures water being transported to the rea side and hampers objects being placed on top of the charger for a clean perspective of your environment.


Multilingual 7’’ Display: The color display allows the use of customized pictures and videos and ensures an easy charging process for the drivers. Like the entire charging station it is impact resistant according IK10 and remains easily readable even in sunlight.

Large front door:

The large opening on the front provides easy access for maintenance activities.

Grid Connection Box:

Mounted at the rear side of the charger, the grid connection box allows the direct connection to the power grid as required by your power utility. The grid connection box can be ordered empty for own configuration or - for several regions- also fully equipped. Contact us for more information.

Socket and Cable versions:

SICHARGE CC AC 22 is available with either two Type 2 Sockets or attached spiral cables. Socket versions come with automated locking mechanism for the flap for protection of the contacts. During charging, the driver’s cable is also locked by the charging station.

2-Button Operation:

The intuitive operation with two buttons provides a robust and easy operation in all weather conditions.

Integrated Meter:

Sicharge CC AC 22 comes with either integrated MID meter or meter according to German “Eichrecht (ERK)”. The meter windows on each side of the charger is illuminated for clear visibility also at night.

Double locking:

One more feature underlining the robust construction of SICHARGE CC AC 22 is the locking mechanism. With a safety key you unlock a 3 bolt closing mechanism, keeping the charging station securely closed.

Base Plate:

SICHARGE CC AC 22 can be fixed to the foundation via 4 bolts and nuts, the power cables are routed through the bottom as well.
Foundation anchors which can be integrated in your foundation are available as accessory.

230 V plug (French version):

For compliance with French subsidy programs, we propose an additional 230V plug on both sides which allows e.g. the charging of eBikes.

Flexible connectivity:

SICHARGE CC AC 22 provides mobile connectivity via GPRS, UMTS and LTE for use in areas without LAN connection.

Robust and Resistant:

The mechanical core of your Sicharge CC AC 22 is made of stainless steel. Outer surfaces are aluminum with weatherproof and UV resistant powder coating, resulting in a very robust charging station rated IP 54 and IK 10, fit for public environments.


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