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SICHARGE D is a high power, dynamic and flexible DC charger, perfect for all your applications: when travelling, in town or for short breaks.

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Authorization and payment:

You are free to chose between the multiple options whether with RFID, PIN Code, QR Code & smartphone or optionally a credit card.

Outlets and cables versions:

DC Charging Cable No.1: CCS2 with 500 A liquid cooled cable for maximal power output DC Charging Cable No.2: flexible options with CHAdeMO with 125 or 200 (peak) A air-cooled cable or optionally CCS2 with 250 or 400 (peak) A air-cooled cable 22 kW AC Charging: AC Type 2 socket with flap and plug locking


Sicharge D can be optionally equipped with DC and/or AC MID meter. The meter windows on each side of the charger are illuminated for clear visibility also at night


High brightness, intuitive 24" touchscreen display provides true barrier-free access and various customization opportunities for value added.

Flexible connectivity:

Sicharge D provides network connection via Ethernet 10/100 Base; GSM, GPRS, UMTS or LTE for use in areas without LAN connection.

Inclined Surface:

The inclined rain-protection slope directs water to the rear protecting the charger.

Charging status indicator:

The multi color status LEDs for user guidance are highly visible and help drivers identify the available DC charging outlet as well as observe the DC charging status.

Robust and resistant:

This robust charger is perfectly fit for the outdoor installations and rated IP54 and IK10 also having weatherproof, UV-resistant, color-stable, and scratch-resistent powder coating and a shatterproof front glass.

Large doors for convenient maintenance :

Large front and back doors provide easy and convenient access for installation and maintenance.

Emergency stop:

Large front and back doors provide easy and convenient access for installation and maintenance.

Integrate SICHARGE D in your plans

We are happy to support your planning process with advice and the right planning materials.


Just download the 3D data in various formats (FBX, GLB, OBJ, …) and let’s create the future of fast charging together.