The new SICHARGE CC AC22 – an energized design for the future of eMobility

The new SICHARGE CC AC22 compact charger with modular structure


New compact charger with energized design

Today’s electromobility is fast, safe and efficient. With the new SICHARGE compact charger (CC), the new charging unit for electric vehicles according to IEC standard, Siemens sets new standards in the area of electric vehicle charging. This applies for use in both public and semi-public environment, including garages as well as hotel or company parking lots. What’s special about the SICHARGE CC AC22 is its modular structure allows for individual and specific configurations according to your needs.

How you benefit from the new SICHARGE CC AC22

The design is optimized for a climate independent use without the necessity of further housing.

Through its large and clear display and an optimized access to the charging sockets, the SICHARGE is easy to use also for disabled people. The location of the sockets ensures less torsion of the cables. Bright LEDs show an easy identifiable state of the charger outlets.

Strategic energy use saves money and optimizes consumption. Upon completion of the charging process SICHARGE interrupts the flow of energy and signals, through its LED-light at the top, the readiness for the next customer.

The compact charger is optimized for easy usage through its interface screen.

Upon access through your RFID card you start the charging by pushing one the buttons. Access via QR Code or an optional Credit Card reader are also possible.

The LED-light on the top shows you the state of the charging process.


Here you will find important documents concerning eMobility and SICHARGE CC AC22:


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