Integrating eMobility into Smart Buildings – to achieve multiple goals

Building integration infrastructure

Electromobility is on the rise, and so are smart buildings. Both are essential to fighting climate change. Because whenever we charge an electric vehicle, we need charging infrastructure, close to where we work, shop or spend our leisure time - and that means close to smart buildings. Supported by grid edge technology, smart buildings can help enable reliable green energy electromobility growth by leveraging the extensive capabilities of their automation and monitoring systems to create a seamless solution.

Finding the right partner: eMobility integration into smart buildings

A smooth integration of a charging infrastructure both into the power grid and your building’s IT/OT system requires a partner who can offer consistent planning and installation. Profit from our Desigo® CC building management system in combination with our cloud offerings, for centralized control, transparency and scheduling of your charging infrastructure, enriching the experience of your building users.

More value for buildings and real estate – think big, start small and scale fast

Charging infrastructure operation made easy

Electromobility will increasingly change the operation of buildings and real estate – presenting new challenges to their operators. Which charging infrastructure makes sense, how can we operate it flexibly, how can we integrate the operation of the charging infrastructure as smoothly as possible into our processes? Where will the additional electricity for the charging processes come from, and how can we mitigate the impact of the rising demand? Siemens is your partner for all these questions – with an analysis of your infrastructure, practical solutions for setting up and integrating the appropriate charging infrastructure, as well as the operation and services over its lifecycle.
Graphic Grid integration
Grid integration

While the connected load of your building is likely to increase with the introduction of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, a clever load management with Desigo CC and onsite generation might help to avoid investments into the electrical infrastructure.

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Building management integration and load management

To ensure seamless operation of your charging infrastructure, you can integrate it into your Desigo CC building management system as centralized command and control for all building equipment. Using Desigo CC features for peak shaving, you can also minimize electricity costs.

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Set up charging infrastructure and connect it to the building management system

The electrical connection of the charging points alone is not enough; you also need an IT connection to the charging infrastructure, on the one hand to be able to operate and manage it remotely, and on the other hand to collect data on the usage of the charge points for monitoring and reporting.


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