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Electromobility is an important building block for achieving climate targets and making mobility in Europe climate-neutral. To make the mobility revolution a reality, we are working closely with energy suppliers, fleet operators, companies, cities and end customers. 
This is exactly where we come in with the VersiCharge portfolio:

complete solutions, many years of experience and innovative software for high-performance products.versiCharge offers smart solutions for reliable, convenient charging at home and variants for commercial needs.



VersiCharge in 3D - details at a glance

VersiCharge charging systems offer compatibility with commercially available electric vehicles and corresponding charging standards. Elegant design and simple, intuitive operation are convincing. A mobile app for smartphones (iOS and Android) offers even more convenience.

We bring you the next generation VersiCharge series with advanced features, faster charging and increased reliability, and safety at an affordable price. Use our 3D model and learn more about your possibilities.


IEC versions



UL Model (USA)


Customize your model

Power outlet

Type2 cable

Type2 socket

Toggle hatch

230 V Plug *

Type2 socket with shutter

Mounting options

Wall Mounted

Pole Mounted

Poles only

Pole Models

Single Pole

Dual Pole

Quad Pole

* Available Q4 2022

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Digital integration - simple, flexible, scalable

Smart charging systems with access to the cloud offer much more than power for your vehicle. For ease of implementation, VersiCharge offers many communication options.

VersiCharge: Benefits for users and operators

Sifinity Go Mobile App

Sifinity Go offers many options for easy commissioning and operation of the charging systems. Simple, everywhere, transparent!
With the app, you intuitively monitor and control the VersiCharge charging system and check kWh consumption over different time periods. The charging process can be adapted to your personal needs or favorable rates from your energy supplier. 

Individual requirements need flexible solutions

Complete solutions for every need