Solutions from Siemens enable Port of Kiel to supply green onshore power to two berths in parallel

Bringing ships to the socket at Port of Kiel

Port of Kiel supplies green onshore power to two berths in parallel
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Reduced environmental impact from berthed ships

While cruise ships and ferries lie at anchor, their huge diesel engines are normally left running in order to continue supplying the ships’ systems with power. To reduce CO₂ and noise emissions as well as vibrations, Port of Kiel is making the supply of onshore power to two vessels in parallel available as an environmentally friendly alternative. The power is generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar.

Not diesel but green power from the socket

The onshore power supply at Port of Kiel distributes the green power via its medium-voltage switchgear to the Schwedenkai and Ostseekai terminals, which are about 1.4 kilometers apart. That’s where ferries and cruise ships berth, and – using the SIHARBOR solution from Siemens – where they can draw an 11 kV power supply from the socket, which means they can turn their generators off. To ensure smooth operation, Port of Kiel uses the cloud application SENTRON powermind from Siemens. Performance data can be accessed at any time using a range of devices, so potential malfunctions can be quickly rectified. For Dr. Dirk Claus, Managing Director Port of Kiel, the objective is to provide green power to 50-60 percent of all incoming vessels in order to save even more CO₂.

We calculate this system will save a total of 12,000 metric tons of CO₂ per year. With this project we’ll ultimately be able to provide onshore power to 50-60 percent of the ships that put into harbor here.
Dr. Dirk Claus, Managing Director Port of Kiel

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