NXpower Monitor app for power distribution


NXpower Monitor is a cloud-based application to start and accompany your digital journey in energy distribution. It enables you to monitor and visualize your electrical assets throughout the world at all times and from any location:          both within one single substation as well as across multiple substations.            NXpower Monitor follows a modular and configurable approach, meaning you can adapt the application to your individual needs by (de-)selecting from the offered packages. With the different views provided, you can realize OPEX savings, CAPEX deferments and optimize your energy consumption.

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NXpower Monitor – a technical Deep Dive in Condition Monitorin


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NXpower Monitor – Benefits:

  • OPEX savings & CAPEX deferments
  • Energy savings & improved sustainability
  • Secured documentation
  • Risk management
  • Enhanced asset utilization 


Support: nxpowersupport@siemens.com

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