The world's fastest vacuum circuit-breaker. Watch how quick and easy it can be installed.

The smart device to improve reliability and safety

By virtually eliminating the impacts of temporary faults on lateral lines, Fusesaver™ helps utilities to increase network reliability while minimising operating costs of overhead MV networks. The exceptional small footprint and light weight of the device enables a quick and easy installation and fast commissioning. Self-powered from line current, the circuit breaker has the capability for multi-phase fault clearance for both transient and permanent faults. The smart system provides wireless connectivity for remote access and can be easily integrated into utilities SCADA network via a Remote Control Unit (RCU).

Higher availability for your distribution network

Fusesaver™ can detect, open and clear a fault in as little as one-half cycle (10ms) and is configurable to either protect or replace the fuse.

Fusesaver™ can be installed in series with the fuse

When it senses a fault current, it will open before the fuse can melt, and clear a transient fault. 

Then the Fusesaver™ closes again reconnecting supply. If the line is still faulted the fuse will now operate to clear the permanent fault. This is the traditional Open-Close (OC) Fusesaver™.


Replace the fuse altogether

When installed in this manner, the Fusesaver™ can perform the same Open-Close functionality to clear a transient fault but can also perform a second "Open" operation (OCO) to clear a permanent fault.

Minimising the risk of bushfires with Fusesaver™

On extreme risk bushfire days, it is critical to eliminate any probability of faults on the electrical network igniting a fire. Find out how the Fusesaver™ can support you minimising the risk of bushfires. 


Powercor Australia: Ultra-fast circuit breakers for reliable rural distribution and reducing bushfire risk

Customer Experience: Powercor Australia

Powercor delivers electricity to nearly 780,000 homes and businesses in Victoria (Australia). The energy distributor is a located in one of the world’s most bushfire prone areas and manages approx. 90,000 km of distribution lines (87% overhead lines). Watch how Powercor deploys Fusesaver™ on SWER lines to mitigate bushfire risk:  


Improve reliability and safety of overhead distribution lines

Unrivalled technology for advanced protection

- Half-cyle switching (10ms)
- Smart grid-ready with communications module
- Self-powered from low line current (as little as 0.15A)
- Wireless connectivity
- Multi-phase protection operation via peer-to-peer communication
- Multi-phase synchronous manual operation via peer-to-peer communication
- Battery backup auxiliary operation
- Rated for load break and fault make for manual switching
- Delayed operation for manual open/close for load break and load pick-up
- Unique compact design and lightweight (5.5 kg)
- Different mounting options (line clamping, cross-arm, pole mounting)

- Optional SCADA connection via Remote Control Unit (RCU)

Rated voltage
15.5 to 27 kV
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage
Up to 60 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage
Up to 125 kV
Rated short-circuit making current
Up to 16 kA
Rated normal current
40 to 200 A
Rated short-circuit current
40 to 200 A
Rated short-circuit breaking current
1.5 to 6.3 kA
Number of operating cycles
IEC 62271-100

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