User Manual

Siemens proudly presents this Online Ordering Tool which allows configuring and ordering the medium voltage gas insulated switchgear 8DJH in a smart yet simple manner on a secure digital platform.


Some aspects of the configurator are presented in the following sections. For any futher inquiries, please contact our experts using the support form.

The configuration of the switchgear 8DJH requires completing data in the following 4 sections:


Sections that are incomplete are highlighted with a yellow text.


Plant Data

The Plant Data section allows selection of the switchgear ratings.


The configurator displays only the possible options. Further values might be blocked due to interlocking function based on the previous selection. 

A previous selection can be restored to default as shown below.


Once a selection has been reset, all dependant fields need to be completed again. 

Plant Structure

In the plant structure section, switchgear panels are selected and designed. To enter the „Plant Structure“ section the „Plant Data“ section must be completed.


This is done either by choosing each panel type and placing them in the desired order, or simply by using a pre-defined „MVS Block“ when applicable for your contract.


Adding Panels One by one

Add panels by clicking on the panel type. Each click will add a panel to the switchgear.


Below example has been created by clicking on the typicals R-R-T in that order.

It is possible to change the order of panels simply by drag&drop the panel using the left mouse button.

After having the panels arranged in the desired order, it is possible to select the panels and create a block out of the selection.

It is not a must to select all panels. However, only the selected ones will constitute the block.

Panels which are not used can be deleted with the remove button.

Adding Blocks

Instead of adding panels one by one, it is possible to add a pre-defined block with panels within directly.

A selection among available block configurations is possible.

Selecting Structure Data

At this step attributes of panels of block design need to be selected. Activate the block, to select block related data by a left mouse click. Dark grey color shows the selected object.

Activate each panel to select data related to that specific panel.

After completing the selection of main options for the block and each panel, click on the first panel to go to configuration details.


In each panel, configuration details need to be selected for the different compartments.

Green indication marks completed compartments. Incomplete compartments are highlighted with a yellow indication.

When the panel is entirely configured, a green traffic light shall appear in the panel configuration.

and the panel itself will be marked with a green line in the Plant Structure.

The selected content of a panel, can be copied to other panels of the same type. In the example below, the values of the first R-panel, are copied to the second R-panel.

Once the configuration is complete, a price information will be displayed.


In this step accessories can be added. The accessories with a padlock symbol are mandatory and cannot be removed.

Accessories can be added in the desired quantity and selections can be deleted.

The configured medium voltage switchgear 8DJH can be saved with the „Add to library“ command.

The configuration can also be downloaded in .sst format and saved in any time during the configuration. Saved configurations can be uploaded and ordered or reconfigured at a later date.

The switchgear that were added to the library are listed under „Switchgear Management“. Fully configured switchgear are marked with a green check symbol.

By clicking on the symbols listed under „Actions“, it is possible to reconfigure, duplicate or delete the switchgear. Switchgear in the library with a yellow indicator need to be reconfigured before ordering.

Technical documents can be generated for fully configured switchgear in the library.

A switchgear can be ordered by selecting it in the library and clicking on „Continue to Order“.

Details about the configuration can be extended/ collapsed by clicking on the plus/ minus.

Order quantity is set to 1 by default and can be changed. To continue the order products must be added to the shopping cart.

This will redirect to Industry Mall – Cart, where the selected items are listed.

Detailed information regarding the Industry Mall is found under:

Proceed to check out to place the order and your product will be manufactured.

After checkout the Shopping data page opens. Mandatory information shall be entered here.

After checkout the Shopping data page opens. Mandatory information shall be entered here.

After this step, you will receive an email informing that the your order request is recieved. Please note that this is not an order confirmation. A Siemens employee will be working with you in the further steps.