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We support electrical designers in different planning stages with software tools, Revit files for Building Information Modeling (BIM), tender specification texts, planning and application manuals and professional consulting by our experienced technical specialists in many countries. Integrated planning boosts the profitability, safety and reliability of electric power distribution systems. Totally Integrated Power assists electrical designers in finding holistic solutions for infrastructure, building and industrial applications - this also includes critical power supply, for example in hospitals and data centers. Efficiency assessments and power management complement our consulting portfolio.

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Application manual industrial plants

New: Application manual for industrial plants

Industrial plants constitute a system composed of production facilities, transport and storage possibilities, as well as office and infrastructure facilities. The electric power supply of such a heterogeneous system is a central component used jointly by all facilities and which can have an essential influence on their functionality. Therefore, the most diverse operational and organizational requirements must be taken into account for planning such a system.


Based on the TIP expertise, this manual points out the general outline to be observed for the design and layout of industrial projects during the first planning phases.


This manual can give ideas and show what an industrial-specific procedure may look like. Further project-specific support beyond the contents of this manual will be provided by the TIP contact partners at Siemens.

Now available: SIMARIS busbarplan

By now, we provide you with a new tool in the SIMARIS Suite:

  • SIMARIS busbarplan for the 3D-planning of SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems

Further information regarding SIMARIS busbarplan can be found here.


Furthermore, we offer you the following updates in the SIMARIS Suite:

  • SIMARIS design 10.1 More information can be found here
  • SIMARIS project 6.3 - More information can be found here
All SIMARIS planning tools on one platform

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Products and systems

Products and systems of electric power distribution systems

Totally Integrated Power and its well-matched hardware and software components as well as its integrated products and systems provide the basis for a reliable, secure, and efficient power supply.   Click on the product categories in the graphic below to find a short description and a direct link to the respective product website. There you will get technical documents such as catalogs and product brochures.


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Planning manuals, checklists and technical series

We offer comprehensive services for the planning and design of electric power distribution systems for infrastructure projects, buildings and industries.


Projects incorporating integrated power supply solutions – worldwide, in special industries with varying challenges.

The electrical power distribution system forms the technical “heart” and lifeline of all power-operated equipment in a building. The power distribution’s reliable and efficient functioning also ensures the smooth operation of all electrical systems involved. Totally Integrated Power products and systems contribute an important share to this operational reliability.

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