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We support electrical designers in different planning stages with software tools, Revit files for Building Information Modeling (BIM), tender specification texts, planning and application manuals and professional consulting by our experienced technical specialists in many countries. Integrated planning boosts the profitability, safety and reliability of electric power distribution systems. Totally Integrated Power assists electrical designers in finding holistic solutions for infrastructure, building and industrial applications - this also includes critical power supply, for example in hospitals and data centers. Efficiency assessments and power management complement our consulting portfolio.

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Planning manual SIVACON S8

New: Planning manual SIVACON S8

When a power distribution concept is to be developed which includes dimensioning of systems and devices, its requirements and feasibility have to be matched by the end user and the manufacturer. We at have prepared this planning manual for the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard to support you with this task.


The actual edition of this planning manual covers new available variants of the SENTRON product-portfolio, for example 3WA (air-circuit breaker) and 3NJ63 (switch-disconnector with fuses). Also integrated a new capter on communication in the switchboard.

Products and systems

Products and systems of electric power distribution systems

Totally Integrated Power and its well-matched hardware and software components as well as its integrated products and systems provide the basis for a reliable, secure, and efficient power supply.   Click on the product categories in the graphic below to find a short description and a direct link to the respective product website. There you will get technical documents such as catalogs and product brochures.
SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems
  • Provide more safety than cables
  • High short-circuit strength and minimum fire load
  • Flexible adaption and extension in case of changed use of building areas
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Powermanager monitoring software
  • Monitoring, processing, visualizing and archiving of energy values
  • Acquisition of values supplied by communication-capable components
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SENTRON low-voltage components
  • Protection, switching, monitoring and measuring devices
  • Ensure a fail-safe power supply
  • Can be seamlessly integrated in comprehensive energy efficiency concepts as well as in building and industrial automation
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SIRIUS industrial controls
  • Contactors, contactor assemblies, soft starters, and semiconductor switche
  • High contact-making reliability when frequently switching of ohmic loads and motors
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ALPHA distribution boards
  • Integrated universal system for applications ranging from 160 A to 3,200 A
  • Matched enclosures and SENTRON components
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NXpower Monitor

NXpower Monitor provides you with different views for visualizing and monitoring electrical asset in a substation or substation across multiple locations from anywhere in the world at anytime.


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SIVACON S8 distribution board and motor control center
  • Design verification by testing according to IEC 61439-1/-2 and resistance to accidental arcs
  • Type-tested connection to SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems
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SIVACON S8 distribution board and motor control center
  • Design verification by testing according to IEC 61439-1/-2 and resistance to accidental arcs
  • Type-tested connection to SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems
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Our portfolio includes end-to-end solutions for the mobility requirements of today and tomorrow.

  • AC charging station
  • AC Wallbox
  • DC charging for fleets


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SIMARIS control for visualizing the data of your SIVACON S8plus

Clear display of all switching states, extensive measured values, status and diagnostics information of your SIVACON S8plus in a central diagnostics station


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  • Distribution transformers
  • Transformers for industrial applications
  • Power transformers
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Energy automation and power quality
  • Cost-effective remote monitoring and control of all plants and installations 
  • High fault resistance, operational safety, real-time resolution, and secure data transmission
  • Monitoring and safeguarding of power quality
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SIPROTEC medium-voltage protection and Reyrolle
  • Efficient process control
  • Reliable protection of switchgear installations
  • Accurate analysis of failures
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Gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear
  • Type-teste
  • Climate-independent
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Space-saving thanks to compact dimensions
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Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear
  • Type-tested
  • Suitable for primary and secondary distribution levels in the medium-voltage power system and in substations and consumer substations of power supply companies
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Power management for industrial applications
  • SIMATIC powerrate, the software option for WinCC and PCS7 with device-specific component libraries
  • For systems in the process and manufacturing industry
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We offer comprehensive services for the planning and design of electric power distribution systems for infrastructure projects, buildings and industries.

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Totally Integrated Power & SIMARIS planning tools – Holistic planning of the electrical power distribution

Learn more about planning the electrical power distribution according to Building Information Modeling (BIM) from network calculation & dimensioning over determining the space requirements to creating technical specifications & Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).


Projects incorporating integrated power supply solutions – worldwide, in special industries with varying challenges.

The electrical power distribution system forms the technical “heart” and lifeline of all power-operated equipment in a building. The power distribution’s reliable and efficient functioning also ensures the smooth operation of all electrical systems involved. Totally Integrated Power products and systems contribute an important share to this operational reliability.

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