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Totally Integrated Power | Webinar series: SIMARIS design 10 - basic handling
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Date:                     September 6, 2022

Time:                     9:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. CET (Berlin)

Language:            English

Cost:                      Free

Duration:              2 h


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Already at the beginning of the planning process, the determination of how the energy is distributed at the loads sets an essential course for the safety and efficiency of the energy supply of the plant. Also the right selection of switching and protection devices is significant for the subsequent operational safety. In combination with scarefully selected and dimensioned sources, results in a reliable electrical power supply system that meets the high demands of the customers.


The network design software SIMARIS design facilitates electrical network planning, including short-circuit current calculation, on the basis of real products with minimum input and automatic dimensioning of all components. In this training you will be get able to handle the tool by your own and work with it.



  • Comparison of losses
  • Full automatic dimensioning of elements
  • Multiple infeeds
  • Comprehensive changings via table
  • Open / closed ring network
  • Free definition of network operating modesand and switching conditions
  • Fault sequence analysis
  • Selectivity-Analysis


  • None


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Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann

Expert in power distribution planning at Siemens Totally Integrated Power:


We support electrical designers in different planning stages with software tools, Revit files for Building Information Modeling (BIM), tender specification texts, planning and application manuals and professional consulting by our experienced technical specialists in many countries.

Totally Integrated Power

Totally Integrated Power

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