Customer Satisfaction Survey

CSAT Survey

Would you recommend Siemens to your colleagues or friends? Score 1 to 10!


Why is CSAT important?

Through the Customer Satisfaction Survey, we will approach the customer on a regular basis to evaluate his main needs and know about its expectations.


What is the basis?


There will be two type of surveys:

  •  Type A (New Equipment): that follows up on the commissioned projects and will survey from the purchasing stage to the delivery and the installation of the plant.
  • Type B (O&M): that follows up on the projects that have finished the warranty period and will survey about the spare parts, maintenance service, incidences and plant’s performance.

How will questions be?

  • Questions about all the Customer Journey
  • All the regions (EMEA, ACAP, NA, LATAM)
  • All the applications (Industrial & Marine)

When will it be released?

  • Four sets of interviews (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) during the year.

In our CSAT, you will have the opportunity to give us your opinion about Siemens!

How to indicate our satisfaction?


Siemens uses a key indicator to measure the loyalty of its customers: the NPS (Net Promoter Score) into the Customer Satisfaction Survey, which we carry out quarterly and in which your participation is fundamental for us.

  • Meaning 9-10: You are a loyal partner who recommends Siemens to others.
  • Meaning 7-8: You are a customer who is satisfied with most aspects of our performance and collaboration.
  • Meaning 1-6: You are not satisfied with our performance and collaboration.


Now we will be Siemens Energy!

Siemens has announced the name of its new energy company. The business, which combines the worlds of conventional and renewable energy and is to become an independent company in the future, is to be called Siemens Energy. The new name will officially take effect once the energy business becomes a separate legal entity, which is expected to happen in April 2020. Siemens Energy is to be spun off as a publicly listed company by September 2020. Its offerings will address a significant portion of the value chain across the oil and gas, power generation, and power transmission segments, including the related service activities.

NPS of Siemens

Would you recommend Siemens to your colleagues or friends?

Ask yourself this question before taking the survey. If the answer is yes, congratulations! You have entered the Siemens Promoters Club. We look forward to your feedback.