S Series Propane engines & gensets

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High performance combined with a low life-cycle cost for propane fuel

S Series Propane engines provide an excellent solution for Power Generation, Cogeneration and Trigeneration processes, where there is no availability of pipeline supplied fuel.

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Why propane gas to generate energy?

Create energy without environment impact.

Access to electricity has become one of the key factors that identifies the level of growth and the quality of life of a community. The way in which this electricity is generated becomes vital if one considers that the energy supply must be guaranteed while minimizing the impact on the environment that its generation could produce.


In this regard, the generation of energy through the use of alternative fuels to those commonly used, such as fuel oil, which causes much more pollution, is of particular interest. Among these alternative fuels, propane gas has become especially important by allowing the generation of energy not only with a low environmental impact but also giving access to electrical energy to those users who do not have a continuous supply of other types of fuels.


The SM engine series for propane gas contributes greatly to solving the problem, generating power continuously with minimum environmental impact.

Discover S Series Propane engines & gensets

Featuring high availability and great efficiency, the SM engine series for propane is the perfect ally for all types of applications, both power generation, and CHP and CCHP.


The combustion chamber design of the SM propane engines has been optimized to ensure the best performance with this fuel type. Lean burn and electronically carbureted, SM series engines for propane have different configuration options that allow them to better adjust to the requirements of each installation. The double cooling circuit as well as the double stage intercooler make it possible to take advantage of the residual heat of the engine in a more effective way, making it one of the most relevant features of this product. The electronic emission control included in the SM engine series for propane guarantees compliance with the strictest levels of pollutant emissions guaranteeing minimum environmental impact. established by the government institutions.


For applications in both 50Hz and 60Hz, the power range of the SM propane series engines is between 315 and 1067 kWb.

S Series propane engines & gensets | Brochure

With a wet exhaust manifold and reduced oil consumption, emissions control is also possible. The S Series Propane engines re supplied as a stand-alone engine, genset or in a fully containerized unit and may also include integrated GCS-Engine and GCS-Genset control systems if required.


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Olein Refinery and Lubricants

Caribbean oil refinery averts disaster with advanced planning and Siemens engines in a CHP propane installation in Puerto Rico.


“Without our CHP plant, Olein would have 

gone out of business. But we are showing that 

Puerto Rico is still open for business, and 

offering a model for other local companies  

to emulate in the future.”

Jorge Gonzalez 


Olein Refinery Corp

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