Product Information

Compact and flexible system

Echogen’s economic, emission-free power will enable fuel-intensive operations to lower the cost of energy, meet higher environmental standards, and improve bottom-line performance.

Multi-MW EPS100 heat recovery system

The Multi-MW EPS100 heat recovery system drives value through its unique combination of a lower cost per unit of electricity produced, compact footprint, higher energy recovery from the waste heat stream, and ability to generate power from a wide range of heat sources.


  • Economic – Generates power at a competitive installed cost, reducing overall cost of electricity
  • Small Footprint – System components are compact, yielding a smaller skid-based system for ease of installation
  • Clean – Produces fuel-free, emission-free electricity to meet environmental regulations
  • Safe – Working fluid is environmentally benign, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Air or Water-Cooled – Water-free option available
  • Low Maintenance – System is fully automated and does not require on-site personnel
  • Technical Support – Global support available with Siemens service plans
  • Long Product Lifetime – High quality manufacturing and non-corrosive fluids extend the integrity and life of system components