Echogen® Technology

Waste heat recovery system

An Echogen® waste heat recovery system uses supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) as the working fluid to convert waste heat into power. Because of its properties, sCO2 can interact more directly with the heat source, eliminating the need for a secondary thermal loop, and further reducing the total installed cost of the system. This compact, flexible system can integrate with a wide variety of heat sources without disrupting existing plant operations.

Product Information

Compact and flexible system

Echogen’s economic, emission-free power will enable fuel-intensive operations to lower the cost of energy, meet higher environmental standards, and improve bottom-line performance.

Multi-MW EPS100 heat recovery system

The Multi-MW EPS100 heat recovery system drives value through its unique combination of a lower cost per unit of electricity produced, compact footprint, higher energy recovery from the waste heat stream, and ability to generate power from a wide range of heat sources.


  • Economic – Generates power at a competitive installed cost, reducing overall cost of electricity
  • Small Footprint – System components are compact, yielding a smaller skid-based system for ease of installation
  • Clean – Produces fuel-free, emission-free electricity to meet environmental regulations
  • Safe – Working fluid is environmentally benign, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Air or Water-Cooled – Water-free option available
  • Low Maintenance – System is fully automated and does not require on-site personnel
  • Technical Support – Global support available with Siemens service plans
  • Long Product Lifetime – High quality manufacturing and non-corrosive fluids extend the integrity and life of system components