Upcycle your biomass

An age-old fuel put to new use: power and heat. Watch our video for a quick overview

An age-old fuel put to new use

Providing a future-proof source of electricity and contributing to lower CO₂ emissions, power produced from biomass is increasingly economically viable. The interests of operators and investors, on the one hand, and those of utilities and grids, on the other, are becoming more closely aligned. This is because ensuring a stable power supply as well as the financial success of the power plant are common goals.

Centered on biomass – an integral part of the industry

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Bioenergy - How to make processing in sugar mills or other biomass fueled plants efficient and future proof

Electrical power and steam consumption are the biggest costs in sugar mills and other biomass fueled plants. Their optimization can result in notable cost reductions and highly efficient plant operation. Join our live webinar and see how Siemens can help to optimize the asset management.


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Highly efficient biomass plants thanks to reheat solutions

With the rising prices of biomass used as fuel, the demands placed on the efficiency of a power plant are also increasing. High efficiencies allow for economical operation of the power plant and competitive power generation compared to electricity production from conventional energy sources. Industrial steam turbines with a power output of up to 250 MW and live steam parameters of up to 565 ° C / 165 bar achieve maximum efficiency with a double casing reheat solution.


A holistic approach

Partnering with an experienced equipment manufacturer is an important step toward commissioning a new biomass plant.

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