Steam management in fiber industries

The pulp and paper industry has already taken a leading role in the closed-cycle economy by making optimal use of resources, integrating waste products into processes, optimizing energy requirements, transforming into a self-sufficient energy cycle, and using digitalization tools.
Introduction, challenges and benefits

More revenue, higher yield

Pulping, tissue manufacturing, or producing board and other fiber applications – your challenges and requirements are as different as your products and business objectives.
paper fiber industry

Palm - A holistic energy concept while reducing CO2

The current increase of packaging and pulp demand in the fiber industry is accompanied by numerous challenges, including fluctuating costs of energy and raw materials. We will partner with the paper and packaging producer Palm to increase its plant efficiency by providing a holistic energy concept. This includes the electrification of a new paper-machine production line and a new power plant equipped with the latest-generation gas turbine.

Steam turbines

Managing the water steam cycle

We know the importance of a flexible steam turbine design and customization. That is why we provide steam turbines with various uncontrolled and controlled extraction options adapted to the steam flow in your process. We can offer the precise number of extractions indicated by your process requirements.
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Industrial steam turbines

Gas turbines

Implementation of a gas turbine in tissue drying process

The Yankee drying process is the most common drying method. Small gas turbines are desirable for use in the Yankee process because the demand for hot air is lower compared with the Through Air Dryer (TAD) process. TAD uses heat to dewater the product instead of the conventional mechanical pressing. This produces a much softer paper and reduces the demand for raw material from 8% to 30%, but dramatically increases the drying load. The high demand of hot air means that the implementation of gas turbines up to 10 MW is profitable for the TAD process.
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Aeroderivatives and Industrial gas turbines


A reliable long-term partnership – Stora Enso and Siemens

Embracing disruption in the pulp and paper industry, Stora Enso dares to do a major investment and, in partnering up with Siemens, builds a digital factory from the ground up. Aiming at the Chinese growth market, the new Greenfield board mill in Beihai is a milestone for digitalization and customer centricity in the fiber industry. Discover more details on the corporate project.


Digitalization meets environmental efficiency

New mill’s production capacity nearly triples that of the previous mill

Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill is utilizing raw wood material and production side streams to manufacture a wide range of bioproducts. The mill represents the highest levels of energy, material, and environmental efficiency in the world. Siemens helped to streamline mill operations. Abondoning fossil fuels and a bioproduct mill, which produces 2.4 times as much electricity as it needs are among the benefits.


Success stories throughout the paper world

We have been proving our expertise in the global fiber industry for decades. Based on our comprehensive experience in automation, electrification, and power generation and in the paper production domain, our solutions help ensure your success in the competitive fiber market.