Reliable and consistent power supply

Virginias Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital


  • A&N Electric Cooperative (ANEC) provides service to selected counties on the eastern coast of Virginia and Maryland.
  • One of ANEC’s customers is Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital. As the only hospital serving Virginia’s eastern shore, it is critically important to the area.
  • Service interruptions to the hospital used to be fairly common. They were caused by frequent automobile collisions with local utility poles
  • ANEC has a system that can restore power within 40 seconds. Although that time frame is great for residential customers, a 40-second delay could be life-threatening in a hospital environment.
  • ANEC needed to supply reliable, consistent power to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital and reduce service interruptions.


The Siemens Distribution Feeder Automation (SDFA) system enabled ANEC to meet the hospital’s power requirements by detecting faults, isolating problems, and drawing from an alternative power source when necessary.

Proven Reliabilty

In October 2012, the system was hit by Super Storm Sandy, and it performed as intended.


The hospital now has a highly reliable power supply backed up by a system that can restore power in less than a second.


ANEC met the hospital’s critical needs by purchasing the minimum amount of equipment necessary to target critical needs and maximize its investment. This cost-efficient approach also maximized the value of ANEC’s own technology investments.


“We expect most service disruptions to be so short that they won’t be visible to our patients. Our staff will be able to focus on caring for patients without the distraction of checking on equipment or implementing downtime procedures.” 


– Mike Canales, director of facilities at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital