Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Bauhaus Museum Dessau: "Form follows function" – also with regard to building control

Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Dessau Germany


Since its opening in September 2019, the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau has turned out to be a highly popular attraction: Up to 1,000 visitors daily pour through the 5,000 m² building to see the world's second-largest collection of the Bauhaus. More than 1,000 artifacts are presented in the exhibition: Protecting them, also in the long term, from damage and decay requires special solutions in the technical building equipment. In addition to conservative climate and lighting conditions, it is also important to ensure the safety of visitors and employees, especially with regard to fire protection. That is why special attention was paid to building, climate control and electrical equipment, even in the construction planning phase.


To ensure reliable power supply in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau with more than 500 circuits, ALPHA distribution boards with residual current and circuit breakers as well as almost 260 arc fault detection devices from the SENTRON portfolio were installed. The AlPHA distribution boards are dimensioned for currents from 63 to 1,250 A, covering all requirements in power distribution. The protection concept for the electrical installation includes devices to prevent electrical accidents, system downtimes and power cuts, as well as arc fault detection devices (AFDD). Unlike miniature and residual current circuit breakers, these detect not only parallel but also serial arcing faults. Serial arcing faults are one of the most common causes of electrical fires. 3WL air circuit breakers and 3KC ATC transfer switching control units from the SENTRON portfolio are also used in the mainpower distribution system. They ensure that the technical systems are safely disconnected from the power supply in the event of a fault and reliably switched to a second network. Downtimes of the systems and lighting systems are practically impossible.


The protection devices prevent electrical accidents and fires and reliably protect the exhibits at Bauhaus Museum Dessau from harm. "Preventive fire protection is an elementary topic, above all when it comes to the protection of irreplaceable goods", emphasizes Jens Funcke, responsible electrician for this project at Elektro Schulze. Over 30 percent of all building fires are caused by electricity, and one third of them originate in the electrical installation. That is why it is essential to have a well-thought-out protection concept, says the expert.