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Blue Lake Rancheria

A century-old Native American reservation in Northern California, took control of its energy by launching a solar power-based microgrid. Subsequently, the community proved its resilience for the second time: During extensive wildfire-related outages in October 2019 and the huge disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Blue Lake Rancheria turned out to be a power island in the storm.

Reference: Blue Lake Rancheria


Location: Blue Lake, CA, USA


Project focus: Microgrid, solar power

Blue Lake Rancheria

Project benefits

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Energy savings per year


Zero net energy in island mode

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When you control your energy, you control your future.
Jana Ganion
Project insights

Jana Ganion | Sustainability and Government Affairs Director at Blue Lake Rancheria


Energy independence and resilience

Microgrids contain all the elements of complex energy systems. They maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and they can operate on grid or in island mode. The Blue Lake Rancheria microgrid incorporates a Spectrum Power Microgrid Controller from Siemens, a solar array with 420 kW AC combined with a 2,000 kWh lithium-ion battery storage.


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The first step in resilience is deciding to do it.
David Narum | Project Manager | Blue Lake Rancheria
We really are prepared for just about anything. And that Siemens technology helps us do this.
Jana Ganion | Sustainability and Government Affairs Director | Blue Lake Rancheria
Why Siemens?

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