Power monitoring solution for Germany’s largest waterworks

Bodensee-Wasserversorgung, Germany, Lake Constance


Bodensee-Wasserversorgung, the Lake Constance water supply association, pipes around 125 million cubic meters of drinking water each year, that is up to 7,755 liters of Lake Constance water per second. These are extraordinary volumes, even for water industry professionals. The same applies for the power consumption of the pumps at Germany’s largest waterworks: here, numbers reach around 155 million kWh per year. 320 towns and municipalities with a total of four million inhabitants receive their drinking water from the Lake Constance water supply association.

Being the heart of the Lake Constance water supply association’s infrastructure, the Sipplingen and Sipplinger Berg facilities have very high electro technology requirements. The giant pumps are 6 kV medium-voltage powered, with a rated power between 0.7 and 11.5 MW. The complex and in part very energy-intensive refinement technology is primarily supplied via 400 V low-voltage. All in all, the entire electrical system comprises several hundred consumption points. The water association has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2013. In the past, data collection was very difficult: All meter readings had to be taken manually once a month. The consumption data was noted down by hand, and later transferred to Excel tables for electronic processing – again by hand. That is why, given this background, a new system had to be introduced for collecting and analyzing, as well as documenting, the energy data from medium and low-voltage consumers and other consumption meters automatically. Moreover, it had to be possible to connect the solution to the existing I&C system.


The Siemens power monitoring solution combines measuring devices from the Sentron portfolio with the powermanager software. The measurement of electrical energy data ensures data capture right down to system level. The measuring devices, together with the powermanager software, create a technically standardized system. The software monitors and archives electrical parameters, like voltage, current, power, energy values, and frequencies. Other data sources, such as water volumes, can also be managed via powermanager. The key requirement for a transparent analysis of energy flows is therefore fulfilled. Together, they are communication-capable and offer numerous connection options.


The power monitoring solution by Siemens replaced the former manual data capture models in late 2014.

The result: optimized transparency in energy flows. The Lake Constance water supply association therefore reliably complies with the requirements of the Electricity Tax Act StromStG) and DIN EN ISO 50001. As an additional benefit, the data material is a valuable base for additional optimization of energy consumption.