Power monitoring solution from Siemens for Rexel Germany

Reduce energy costs and offer new services

Rexel Germany is using power monitoring in its logistics centers and as a solution for its own customers

From power guzzlers to an energy-efficient building infrastructure

Rexel Germany operates large logistics centers that consume lots of energy. The goal was to make consumption as efficient as possible and in this way reduce both costs and CO₂ emissions.

Identify and exploit optimization potential

Large building infrastructures like sales and logistics centers consume lots of energy, so it’s all the more important to closely monitor energy flows, optimize consumption, reduce costs, and contribute towards sustainable improvements in energy efficiency. That’s why electrical wholesaler Rexel decided to implement a cloud-capable power monitoring solution at its logistics center in Maisach, Germany. In doing so, the subsidiary is following the guidelines of its parent company, the Rexel Group, to achieve group-wide benchmarking of consumption levels and relevant areas of efficiency potential.

Using the powermanager power monitoring software and MindSphere provides us with many new opportunities for success on the market.
Jens Wehran, CFO Rexel Germany
Rexel, Maisach, Germany

About Rexel Germany

Leading electrical wholesaler for customers in industry, trade, and installation.

Electrical wholesaler with innovative services

Rexel Germany (formerly Hagemeyer Deutschland) is an electrical wholesaler that belongs to the globally active Rexel Group. Rexel Germany has 1,300 employees in 37 locations and four logistics centers. In addition to its comprehensive range of goods, Rexel also supports its customers with services for implementing their projects. For example, the company has a specially created showroom in Maisach where customers can experience for themselves the benefits of power monitoring.

Integrated solution

Recorded on site, analyzed in the cloud

To implement power monitoring, Rexel opted for a system from Siemens’ SENTRON portfolio. More than 100 measuring devices from the 7KM PAC series were installed in SIVACON 8MF1 system cubicles and ALPHA distribution boards, along with the powermanager power monitoring software.

Integrated system with a cloud connection

The integrated system was certified by TÜV Rheinland for conformity to support an energy management system according to ISO 50001. The system is also connected to MindSphere, the open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system from Siemens. For monitoring and evaluating energy consumption, the company utilizes a MindSphere app that was exclusively programmed for the Rexel Group. This app analyzes actual power consumption values and provides insights into possible optimization potential.

Specific benefits

Passing on experiences from their own efficiency gains

Using the power monitoring solution from Siemens, Rexel Germany was not only able to boost its own energy efficiency, but was also able to pass these experiences on to its customers, who are also benefiting.