High water quality through comprehensive network control systems

Izmit, Turkey


Izmit, Turkey, is an important industrial center. Located in Kocaeli Province, it is home to a large oil refinery, automobile factories, and major paper and cement plants.


The presence of so much industry makes the handling of wastewater a top priority for ISU, the city’s administrative agency for water and sewage. ISU is also responsible for Izmit’s drinking water supply.


Monitoring the city’s wastewater and drinking water systems required ISU to man all reservoirs and pumping stations as well as technical systems, resulting in high operating and electrical costs. Even with full staffing, faults were not always detected in time: The consumers were often the first to notice problems with water quality. A loss of water was almost never noticed. In the case of wastewater, this directly resulted in an environmental problem in the tourist area.     


Siemens installed a SCADA system so that ISU can now monitor and additionally analyze its water networks from a single control center.

The control center features two big displays: one for drinking water and one for wastewater. The displays show information evaluated by the SCADA system that comes from the 110 existing sensor stations and 100 new monitoring stations, numerous sensors and measurement equipment, as well as 76 HD cameras that provide a live view of all locations. Over 200 additional sensor stations are currently in the planning stage.

Wastewater quality is monitored online by analysis sensors. When an industrial customer exceeds stipulated limits, ISU is alerted so it can take immediate corrective action.


Izmit is now the only municipality in Turkey that manages both its drinking water supply and wastewater treatment with a single integrated control system.


Through automation and smart meters, ISU has significantly reduced its operating costs and power consumption. Faults are detected and addressed quickly, before they impact consumers.

Flooding risk has also been reduced, because ISU has a comprehensive view of its water networks.


By partnering with Siemens, ISU can provide high-quality water that protects consumers and the environment. The cost savings from this project also mean that the customer will see a return on investment within a very short period of time.