Siemens platform managing North America’s largest transmission grid

PJM Interconnection


PJM Interconnection is the regional transmission organization (RTO) responsible for North America’s largest transmission grid, which serves 60 million people in 13 states and Washington, DC.


PJM needed to raise its systems to new standards for security and resiliency so it could:

  • Ensure the continuity of the wholesale electricity market that PJM administers
  • Increase the security and reliability of the grid
  • Support innovations for the wholesale power market


In 2011, PJM implemented one of the most advanced energy management system: the PJM Advanced Control Center (AC2) program, based on the Siemens/PJM Shared Architecture integration platform.


This platform includes the Siemens Spectrum Power™ energy management system (EMS) running at two different sites. Each site is fully functional and capable of running the grid either independently or as a single virtual control center.


Through the implementation of two fully staffed primary control centers, JPM’s customers are ensured reliable and a nearly uninterrupted power supply because either one can continue to run the grid even if the other malfunctions.


PJM now has a scalable shared architecture that can accommodate growth, adapt to new technologies, and facilitate innovation in the wholesale power market.


PJM is now the only grid operator in North America - and one of only a few worldwide - to have dual primary control centers.

This solution gives PJM flexibility in choosing future technology and planning strategic roadmaps.