Princeton Siemens microgrid

A campus that is shaping the future of energy.

The Princeton Siemens microgrid impressively shows how innovative technology can deliver ambitious decarbonization goals and massive energy cost savings.


The business case combines building management and energy management solutions. This not only ensures that the campus has its own cost-effective source of clean, reliable power; it also means that the energy is used more efficiently. Beyond that, the beauty of the Princeton Campus is that it empowers Siemens customers and partners to investigate and validate highly innovative technologies in a real-world environment. It´s a living lab where solutions are in place which help to decarbonize. A tangible blueprint for an efficient and flexible microgrid that can be replicated all over the world.

Reference: Sustainable, resilient campus


Location: Princeton, New Jersey


Project focus: solar-powered microgrid, energy management, building management, battery storage

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Siemens Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient, Carbon Neutral Microgrid Campus

Modern Microgrids: Flexible, Innovative, Adaptive, Affordable

The Siemens Princeton Microgrid is one of the first to combine renewable energy solutions with both building management and energy management solutions. The result is an innovative, resilient and cost-effective solution that serves as a live test bed for Siemens customers and partners. Learn how a phased approach results in an energy efficient grid.


Princeton Siemens microgrid

Project benefits

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CO2 reduction by 2020


Carbon neutral by 2030

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Reduction of annual energy costs

The project is being closely watched as a possible model for setting distributed energy resilience and decarbonization trends over the next 15 years.
Seth Schulz | Global Executive Director | The Resilience Shift

A sustainable ecosystem of smart solutions

Princeton Siemens campus combines a solar power microgrid with on-site storage and highly advanced technologies for grid-control and building management – based on the Siemens MindSphere IoT platform and Digital Twin technology. The microgrid managed energy is also used to charge electric vehicles on-site. The result is a sustainable ecosystem designed not only to save energy and keep the campus resilient and energy-independent; it also opens-up possibilities for simulations and data analysis to monetize energy, constantly improve the system, and gather insights for future energy projects.

It´s showing literally in real time what the future can look like, how it transitions from old technologies to new technologies - and by leading from example.
Seth Schulz | Global Executive Director | The Resilience Shift
It´s a beautiful blueprint for a more efficient and flexible microgrid system that can be replicated all over the world.
Xiaofan Wu | Project Manager | Princeton Microgrid | Siemens Corporate Technology
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