Digitalization in switchboard construction

At the company Schalt-Technik Huber GmbH the 3WA air circuit breaker proves its benefits in daily practice: From reliable power distribution protection over transparency with regard to system status to the efficient retrofit of the previous model.
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Schalt-Technik Huber GmbH, Munich


The company Schalt-Technik Huber GmbH in Munich has been in business for more than 50 years and has over 60 employees. It has steadily evolved from a switchgear manufacturer to a project company and today offers complete low-voltage solutions. The rapidly changing market is characterized by constantly growing energy demand and the challenge of decentralized, communications-capable power distribution. Against this backdrop, transparency for system status, energy consumption, capacity utilization, as well as service and maintenance, is taking on an increasingly important role, making digitalization indispensable in switchgear manufacturing.
"Digitalization has become indispensable to us in switchboard construction. Siemens is a strong partner particulary for a medium-sized company like ours."
Gisela Huber, Managing Director Schalt-Technik Huber GmbH


With the use of the 3WA air circuit breaker, Schalt-Technik Huber is already responding to the growing customer demand for communication-capable solutions. With this they take the logical step toward digitalization, which offers a huge potential for cost savings and process optimization in infrastructure and industry. The 3WA air circuit breaker can be precisely tailored to meet individual customer requirements. This includes the adaptation of the application processor in the event of changed conditions of use as well as the possibilities offered by IoT links. In addition, the usual high quality of the 3WA air circuit breaker ensures a safe and stable energy supply.


By using the 3WA air circuit breaker, Schalt-Technik Huber achieves numerous advantages, especially when it comes to energy monitoring, data recording, and data management. The 3WA air circuit breaker provides reliable power distribution protection and ensures high selectivity for maximum plant availability. It can be easily and efficiently exchanged with the previous model, the 3WL air circuit breaker.