The energy-efficient University of Genoa

Genoa, Italy
Reference Flyer "Smart energy supply for the University Campus of Savona"

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The University Campus of Savona consists of a number of buildings for teaching, research, and residential use. The only electrical power generator was a cogeneration gas turbine, and heating was provided primarily by two natural gas-fired boilers that fed a district heating circuit. Their management was manual, and so the campus grid provided inefficient energy; and furthermore, it was entirely dependent on the main grid for its energy supply.   The University wanted to efficiently and economically manage its production plants, optimize contributions from renewable sources and high-performance cogeneration processes, and also minimize its electric and thermal consumption.


When the University of Genoa launched the “Energia 2020 project,” one of the key initiatives was the development of a Smart Polygeneration Microgrid at the University Campus of Savona, a joint project of the University and Siemens.   Italian’s first mircogrid comprises three gas micro-turbines and an absorption chiller for the simultaneous production of heating in winter and cooling power in summer. Two charging units, two electric vehicles, and two electric bikes were installed as well as a photovoltaic solar plant.   The heart of the microgrid is the control room that ensures intelligent energy management.   Thanks to the microgrid management system , energy flows can be reliably forecast, and resources can be correctly deployed and optimized in real time. This enables the user to respond flexibly and rapidly to changing conditions in power generation and consumption.


The campus is now generating a cost-efficient and sustainable energy supply to satisfy its needs. It can efficiently manage the energy produced by its power plants by balancing energy generation and loads.   The project has already had a positive impact on the environment: The overall reduction of CO2 emissions is estimated at 120 tons per year!