Ventotene – an off-the-grid Italian island

A modern power supply for a remote island in the Mediterranean. The Italian energy utility Enel Produzione SPA had a clear goal for the island of Ventotene: a stable power supply system that would operate more sustainably, economically, and reliably. And Siemens had the complete solution: The SIESTORAGE storage system, optimally combined with the Microgrid Controller.
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The challenge

A small island with a major challenge

The island of Ventotene was not connected to the Italian power grid. The existing supply system consisted of four diesel generators at 600 kWh each and a photovoltaic system. It was important that the power supply system keep pace with the small Mediterranean island’s growing economy.

The design of the entire network had to be made more efficient, ecological, and stable – using intelligent, innovative solutions.

This approach included the integration of renewable energy sources to reduce the supply of diesel and to create greater sustainability. An additional goal was to perfectly coordinate all existing and new power components and, even more important, to respond quickly and reliably to grid fluctuations, ultimately guaranteeing a stable network.

The customer

A modern, progressive island

The island of Ventotene is located in the Mediterranean about 100 km from Rome. Around 700 people occupy an area of 153 hectares – until the summer months, when the number of inhabitants grows to more than 3,000. It’s an extreme situation, including for the power supply system.

The Italian energy utility Enel Produzione SPA brought these requirements to Siemens. The challenge was to develop a complete, customized solution for supplying power to Ventotene. The focus was on a consistently reliable and stable system – a system that would also increase the efficiency of the existing diesel generators while making maximum use of renewable energies – and working with a qualified partner that could offer everything from a single source.

We were interested not only in pricing but in competence, reliability, and sustainability. And we were looking for a partner who shared our values.
ENEL, Italy
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The solution

A customized solution for a state-of-the-art grid

The Siemens solution relies on all components working together: converters, batteries, low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, and the control unit, all integrated into a modern control system.
The result

A powerful experience for Ventotene

With the aid of a complete, customized solution, the power supply system on Ventotene was tailored to meet the new needs of the island – with measurable results after only seven months of operation.

The results after seven months

0 %

Fuel savings, primarily in diesel consumption

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Reduced generators operating hours 

0 %

Operating time during which grid stability is guaranteed – thanks to the energy storage solution


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