Wildpoldsried Pebbles demonstrator

Wildpoldsried Pebbles demonstrator

The energy transition is picking up speed in Wildpoldsried. With 100% renewable energy and peer-to-peer energy trading at the grid edge – using blockchain technology.
The project

Grid edge solutions for local energy trading

The small, picturesque town in the Allgäu has long been known as an energy pioneer. The citizens of Wildpoldsried are now again staying one step ahead with "Pebbles" – peer-to-peer energy trading based on blockchain technology.

At the grid edge, energy "prosumers" are now also energy traders.

Given the need to protect the climate and increase our use of renewables, our energy systems are changing globally – and Wildpoldsried has always been one step ahead. Renewable energies were long ago integrated 100% successfully here on the IREN2 project. Now a new project is showing the potential that innovative technologies open up at the grid edge. An energy trading demonstrator was recently put into operation as part of the Pebbles project – a practical application under laboratory conditions. Pebbles analyzes and tests the effects of blockchain technology on the energy market. Local peer-to-peer energy trading not only assumes a practical function in controlling the supply and demand of the decentralized energy system. It is also a further indication of the business and monetization opportunities the "energy flexibility market" is already opening up today.

I am convinced that we will have 100 percent renewable energy as well as grid stability throughout Germany if we have intelligent systems such as pebbles – microgrids and smart grids.
Günter Mögele, prosumer and Deputy Mayor of Wildpoldsried