Turning the energy transition into the future of energy

SWW Wunsiedel GmbH. By developing a regional and sustainable energy supply system, the publicly owned local utility in the Upper Franconian town of Wunsiedel has adopted an innovative approach to the future of energy.
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Working together to find solutions

Courage, vision, and power of innovation all come together in Wunsiedel: By engaging Siemens as consultant and technology partner, SWW Wunsiedel GmbH is seizing all the opportunities the energy transition offers for publicly owned local utilities.

Today, public utilities are required to cover a wide range of activities and still turn a profit. “There has to be a new way,” says Marco Krasser, CEO of SWW Wunsiedel GmbH. That’s why he fully supports the intelligent networking of all energy systems to make full use of the potentials offered by the sun, wind, and biomass. “Energy sources are right outside everyone’s door,” says Krasser. “And ours even keep regrowing.”

“Players that combine all forms of energy are more flexible and can benefit from the market.”
Andreas Schmuderer, Head of Sales Consulting DES, Siemens AG
SWW Wunsiedel GmbH

Setting the right course

For more than a century, SWW Wunsiedel GmbH has supplied the residents of Wunsiedel with electricity, water, heat, and gas. Its recipe for success: be faster, more direct, and more geared to the customer than its cross-regional competitors.

Recognizing trends at an early stage and capitalizing on them for future economic success is a tradition at SWW Wunsiedel GmbH. 

Wunsiedel was also an early convert to the idea of renewable energy and sustainable technologies. It is well known that this helps maintain local jobs while contributing to climate protection. 

The next big step is the “path of WUNsiedel 2.0”, a lighthouse project for the entire energy business.

The path of WUNsiedel is our commitment to achieving a consistent climate and energy strategy by 2030
Marco Krasser,CEO of SWW Wunsiedel GmbH
The path of WUNsiedel

Independence and economic strength thanks to renewable energy sources

On the path to an integrated, distributed supply system, SWW Wunsiedel GmbH is looking to Siemens as its consultant, technology supplier, and partner.

“It is up to us to leave the coming generations a world that is free from concerns about dwindling raw materials and environmental risks,” explains utility CEO Krasser. 

That’s why in the future Wunsiedel’s supply network is to be fully based on renewables, semi-autonomous, and black start-capable. 

The initial focus will be on power and heat generation, storage, control, and protection systems, and energy-efficiency. Plans for further stages in the project are already in preparation, for example for a power-to-gas or power-to-liquid plant. A pooling solution involving battery storage and an electrolysis system can earn additional revenue on the electricity balancing market in the future.

House of the future of energy

Maximum openness has been the focus of the path of WUNsiedel right from the outset. That’s why the “House of the Future of Energy” was created.

It’s an information center where residents can learn about the relation between climate protection and the energy supply system, how a local energy system works, and how much electricity and heat are currently being generated. The citizens of Wunsiedel are kept in the picture at all times and fully support the path of WUNsiedel.

Wunsiedel is no longer just a festival town, but is also an energy town, and is on its way to becoming a Smart City.
Karl-Willi Beck, Mayor of Wunsiedel
Geared for the future

Ensuring future success with digital technology

The path of WUNsiedel shows how a public utility can lay the foundation for future economic success with the latest technology from Siemens.

Sector coupling is the basis for the path of WUNsiedel: All the elements involved in power generation are interconnected to make the best possible use of them. 

The result is a stable and extremely reliable power supply system that will even allow excess production volumes and reserves to be sold on the energy market. 

All system components are digitally networked using MindSphere. This creates room for further optimization in the future and creates attractive business opportunities beyond the supply mandate.