Digital Services for Energy

Generating powerful insight, beyond what’s in sight

By itself, Big Data doesn't generate insight. Insight requires an expert knowledge and understanding of how best to leverage those analytics. Using our powerful new digital toolbox, the Siemens Digital Services team provides data-driven, tailored services, so your operations and maintenance teams will have the information and confidence they need to make timely, insightful decisions.

A Practical Guide to Digitalization for the Power Industry

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Our Path to the Power Plant of the Future

“Can you imagine running an entire combined cycle power plant with no staff?” - Read more in Sagar Govinda's latest blog on Siemens' concept of Power Plant 4.0

Digital Services for Energy

Analyzing data for intelligent services

A data-supported approach to power plant operations and maintenance represents a fundamental shift in thinking about service in the energy sector. Plant operators and energy generators are able to manage the performance of energy assets, lower operation and maintenance costs, reduce failure rates and achieve the highest return on investment.

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Siemens Digital Services is running on MindSphere, our robust operating system that combines new developments in data analytics, connectivity, and cyber security with proven capabilities for remote maintenance and optimization. 


The MindSphere ecosystem integrates, manages, analyzes, and visualizes data from disparate sources, such as machine data and weather data, to enable new insights in the cloud or on premise. These insights enable our experts to predict and prevent failures, and uncover opportunities for performance improvements, as well as energy and cost savings.

Maximizing your Profitability

Digital Services for Energy offers a world of higher availability and reliability, along with increased operational flexibility. The portfolio reaches from plant performance operations and maintenance optimization, cybersecurity to Flex-Power Services™ and remote diagnostics.

With this knowledge, flexibility, and the Siemens partnership, you’ll always have the advantage for making decisions that help keep optimal performance.

Performance Optimization with Digital Services for Energy

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Omnivise Digital Services for Energy Portfolio

For energy companies looking to increase revenue and reduce costs, Siemens Omnivise Digital Services provide insights based on data to help you operate more flexibly and respond quickly to a rapidly changing market. 

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Digitalizaton delivers smarter GT service


Working to ensure your assets perform today and tomorrow

Whether you want to achieve plant performance or maintenance optimization, Digital Services for Energy, running on MindSphere, empowers your operations and maintenance teams make the right decisions with in-depth knowledge. 

A Practical Guide to Digitalization for the Power Industry

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