Siemens Asset Performance Management (APM) for Power Plants

Part of Siemens Omnivise Digital Services, APM for Power Plants is a powerful new solution for optimizing performance and reducing operations and maintenance costs. The future of power generation is now. 
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Introducing APM for Power Plants

The Power of Siemens Asset Performance Management (APM)

Harnessing the Power of the MindSphere Digital Platform

Turning Assets into Insights 

Siemens APM for Power Plants is a cloud-based platform that integrates into a plant or fleet’s enterprise systems designed to analyze real-time data sources, provide insightful predictive analytics, and enable just-in-time maintenance workflow routing.


Built on MindSphere, APM combines multiple sources of manual and digital data into one powerful analytics platform so plants and fleets can have a holistic view of their assets’ health in real time—as well as predictive modeling to see what effect replacing or repairing an asset has on overall performance. APM can even trigger work orders to proactively help to reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability.

Power in Alliance

APM for Power Plants is a strategic alliance between Siemens and Bentley Systems, Inc., bringing together Bentley’s asset performance management expertise with Siemens’ extensive operations and maintenance experience, fleet data, and domain knowledge. Together, Siemens and Bentley are changing the way plants and fleets leverage big data for greater insights and performance optimization. 

How APM Works

Optimize plant performance and reduce operations and maintenance costs

Siemens APM is a ready-to-implement, automated solution, designed to make asset maintenance easy, so plants and fleets can focus on what they do best: delivering reliable energy with increased profitability.

Increased Reliability

Siemens APM is powered by MindSphere, the leading IoT operating system and data environment. APM on MindSphere connects your infrastructure and assets to all of the data, service, and analytic possibilities of the cloud, offering unprecedented transparency, speed, and new insights to optimize plant performance. By seamlessly integrating with your existing Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program, APM can turn a plant or fleet’s analytics into actionable work orders. 

Greater Availability

Siemens APM can increase plant availability by optimally scheduling planned outages to help reduce outage duration. APM provides predetermined, reliability-centered maintenance recommendations focused on the work that is actually required, and can provide real-time, accurate condition data on key plant components.

Improved Profitability

By optimizing reliability and availability, Siemens APM can help plants and fleets optimize their capital and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX). With better-informed decision making, predictive analytics, and streamlined maintenance workflow routing, APM can allow asset and plant managers to leverage Siemens’ and Bentley’s industry-leading expertise for greater overall profitability. 

Harness the Power of Big Data

A Look into the Future with the Digital Twin

Bentley and Siemens have ventured into an enterprise-wide collaboration to create a holistic digital twin to optimize performance and cost throughout the product life cycle. MindSphere’s global data handling and connectivity enables the digital twin to create a virtual replica of the power plant or plant component for predictive modeling and performance planning. But that is just the beginning.

The Power of the Digital Twin

Siemens and Bentley have partnered with San Gabriel Combined Cycle Power Plant in the Philippines to implement the APM solution and digital twin. By creating rich, three-dimensional libraries of individual assets in the plant, San Gabriel’s team is able to look into each asset’s performance and optimize output over time.


Watch how Siemens and Bentley are optimizing performance and creating the future of power generation across the globe. 


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