Assetguard APP – let your assets talk!

Bring your assets to the Cloud

Substation assets monitoring is a key topic nowadays. Thanks to Internet of Things paradigm, all data coming from the field are available in "near" real time on Siemens Cloud where EnergyIP suite for Mindsphere is developed to support decision making process. Energy-IP for Mindsphere - Assetguard APP is developed to ensure and start corrective actions with the goal of improving asset lifetime. Assetguard APP provides services for assets monitoring able to geo-localize failure, evaluate fleet status and expertise support through new Business Models like SaaS (Software as a Service). The app is designed as a dashboard/cockpit to provide high-level information to users through an intuitive user-friendly interface to support business level decision. The platform has a general-purpose data acquisition layer to get energy and field sensors data from different kind of systems/devices. Assetguard APP is the ideal solution to monitor your assets in near real-time.

Monitor asset fleet in the most efficient way

Additionally, Assetguard APP data will enable asset performance analytics functionalities. Its architecture follows the Internet of Things paradigm (IoT), offering the possibility to connect objects and different services thanks to a variety of open and standardized protocols.


The non-relational database - the heart of the system - guarantees flexibility and scalability and is optimal for running advanced data analytics algorithms.

The EnergyIP Assetguard app is available both in Software as a service mode, on Cloud platform through a subscription, and in Private Cloud mode by license, installed on dedicated Virtual Machine at the customer’s data center. Its services are usable through an HTML5 Web application, called Operation Center, for Notebook / Desktop devices and for different operating systems. It can be accessible with reduced functionality also from mobile like Android, iOS Tablet, which allows constant and practical use by all users. Assetguard APP is offered as a modular and customizable package depending on the needs of the customer. Alongside, it is integrated in the Energy-IP APP suite.


With the Assetguard APP, Siemens uses the latest technology, facilitates asset management and benefits from the Internet of Things.